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Threads vs. X: Which one is better?

A new member has just joined the social media family. The social media app Threads is now in X trends or should I say in Twitter trends. It doesn’t matter actually. We all know that Twitter is now X. 

So, today our main question is which one is better. Should you use Threads or X. We’ll talk about it deeply and try to break down all the key points. 

Threads vs. X

Threads is now one of the most famous social media platforms in the world and it’s also the most fast growing social media platform in the world. Threads got their first 100 million sign-ups in just five days. 

On the other hand, Twitter has been famous for a long time. It’s still famous, although maybe it’s losing a chunk of users for some bad decisions. It’s my personal opinion although both of them are famous and the best one. Still, we’re going to compare them, because there are also a lot of things to compare. In this comparison, I’m not going to compare them one by one. Like I’m not going to tell you about Threads’ pros and cons and after that X pros and cons. I’ll tell you the pros and cons of both of them together. 

1. Copycat

A lot of people think that Threads just copied the idea of X (Twitter). Threads are a lot like X. In threads, you can post your opinions just like X (Twitter). The user interface, the main concept, and a lot of other things are the same. 


Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg

That’s why everyone thinks that Mark Zuckerberg just copied the concept of Twitter or X and made a new social media platform called Threads. A lot of people are also saying that Mark Zuckerberg copied the idea of X like he did the same thing in the case of Facebook. If you don’t know the history of Facebook then I would prefer you to watch the movie “The Social Network” and after seeing this movie you’ll learn about everything Mark Zuckerberg. 

2. Elon Musk

Many people think that X or Twitter is going down for Elon Musk. We know that Elon did a lot of great work. Everything he touches turns into gold. But maybe it’s not going to happen in the case of Twitter. He just changed Twitter into X. He also did a lot of changes on Twitter, which makes this platform unstable. Everyone is just confused about the future of X.

3. Sync

We all know that Threads is connected with Instagram. All Meta services are connected. Like if you share a picture on Facebook you can share it also on Instagram at a time. And like this Instagram is also connected with Threads. 

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Every new user doesn’t need to create a Threads account manually. They can just import all the information directly from Instagram. Also if someone posts any threads they can share it on Instagram and also on Twitter or X. 

4. Fewer features

Threads is a new platform and that’s why it doesn’t have a lot of facilities like X. Like I can’t pin a thread if I want, but I can do it on X. It doesn’t have a trending section or podcast section, and much more things compared to X. Although as a new platform, it’s quite good. And it’s doing great, more than expected. 

5. Website

X has their platform on a website. I mean you can also use X on a website. But, you can’t do it for Threads. Threads do have a website, but it will just give you a QR code to scan for downloading the app. 

If you want to use Threads then you must have to download the app either on Android or iPhone. But I think it will be awesome if they also prove their service on the website. Like I love to use everything on a bigger screen. Mobile is not my thing at all. 

6. Old is Gold 

Old things have their personal fan base and other important things. Twitter is an experienced player in the market although Threads is new. Yes, Threads is indeed doing well. Although Twitter or X is an old player and it will be hard to beat it.  

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So, those are the main key points about Threads and X. Both Threads and X are great. It’s your choice which one you want to use. Or you can use both of them. It’s totally up to you. I can tell you like that, use Threads or use X. Both of them are great and it’s totally up to you which one you want to use. I just talked about some key differences between them and some pros and cons about them and which things they should do in the future. 


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