How to Play Fortnite on Browser

Epic Games Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the entire world. Playing Fortnite is many people’s dream. But everyone can’t build a pc like sypherpk. So, if Fortnite can be played on a browser it will be a great help for every Fortnite lover.

There are some ways out there to play Fortnite on Browser. If you don’t have a pc like sypherpk you can still play Fortnite. There are actually some ways to do that and I’m going to tell you about them today. So, let’s know how to play Fortnite on Browser.

fortnitePlay Fortnite on Browser

There are many ways to play games online, many people will tell you many ways to play Fortnite on a browser. Although I think there are main two ways to do that. The first way is great but the second way isn’t a proper way.

1. Fortnite on Cloud


Clouding is a new technology now and a good one. If you don’t have a high-end pc it doesn’t mean that you can’t play good games. You only just need good Wi-Fi and if you have that you’re very good to go.

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If you ask me which cloud gaming service is the best one at this time in the market then I will recommend you to use Xbox cloud. There are many other cloud gaming services out there but I really love the Xbox cloud. However, you also need an Xbox controller to play Fortnite on the Xbox Cloud.

Play Fortnite on Xbox Cloud

  • First, open a search engine and search for “Fortnite on Xbox Cloud”.
  • Click on the first link.
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Connect your Xbox controller.
  • Click on the play button.
  • Sign in to your Fortnite account.

After doing those steps you’re good to go. Just enjoy Fortnite on Xbox Cloud.

Disclaimer: Xbox Cloud is working on some of the selected regions and Xbox Cloud is a paid service.

Yes, Xbox Cloud is not a freemium service. You have to pay them to use the service. But, the price is very low. Xbox Cloud cost $15 per month only. So, I will recommend you use Xbox Cloud to play Fortnite if you don’t have a good device.

2. 1v1.LOL

fortniteDon’t abuse me. Let me explain to you first. I know that isn’t Fortnite. But, you can play it for free and it’s almost like Fortnite. Yes, the map is small and the character is not good at all. The graphic is so low and many more problems. But what do you expect from a browser?

So, if you want to feel the vibe of Fortnite you can play this game. This game isn’t that much worse. It’s pretty good actually. Just play one time and I hope you’ll like this game.

How to play

  • First, go to the website of and if you don’t know the website address then it’s the same as the game name.
  • After that create an account in that game.
  • Next, select how you wanna play. You can play
  • Afterward, click on the Play button and your game will start.

Just follow those steps and you’ll succeed to play I know everyone can do that but I just add that for those who don’t know how to play the game.


So, we’re at the end of the article. I know those two steps are hard to follow. In the first step, you have to pay $15 every month and you also have to buy an Xbox controller. But, if you cost that much money you can play Fortnite without any problem. And on the cloud, if you have better Wi-Fi the game will work like a rocket.

And if I talk about the second step then it’s not a good step at all, I know that. But, it’s also a way to feel Fortnite. Just those are the two best ways to play Fortnite on Browser.

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