Things to do in Denver 

Denver is one of the most popular cities in the United States. Every year thousands of people go there to spend a great time with their family and friends. But this 401 square kilometer city is very big to visit. There are a lot of places to visit. And that’s why we’re here.

Today we’ll help you to choose which place you should visit first. This 3 million people population city has plenty of beautiful places to visit. I’ll try to tell you about all of them. So, let’s begin our journey and I hope you are going to spend a great time in Denver, United States. 

Top 10 Places in Denver 

  1. Denver Museum of Nature & Science 
  2. Internation Church of Cannabis 
  3. Washington Park 
  4. Twilight Ghost Tour
  5. 16th Street Mall
  6. Denver Zoo
  7. Kirkland Museum
  8. Garden of the Gods 
  9. Downtown Aquarium 
  10. Tocabe 

Top 10 things to do in Denver

Now we’ll talk about the best places in Denver. There will be a museum, zoo, art gallery, restaurants, parks, mountains, and many more places. But we’ll only talk about the 10 best places. And one more thing, we have to cut out many more best places because this article will have only 10 places information and that for we can’t talk about a lot of places.

There are still many more good places in Denver that you can visit. Although those 10 places are also great and I hope you’ll enjoy your day if you visit one of the places we’re going to talk about. So, let’s get started and we hope you’ll like those places. 

1. Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Address: 2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80205, USA


The first place I’m going to introduce you is a museum. This museum will give you a tour of the past, present, and future. If you love science then this place is the must visiting place for you.

You’ll find old fossils, items, animal bones, a big screen to experience Hollywood, and many more things. So, if you ever visit Denver you must have to go there. You can learn more about this museum from its website. 

2. International Church of Cannabis

Address: 400 S Logan St, Denver, CO 80209, USA


If you want to experience a goosebumps tour then go there. International Church of Cannabis claiming themself that, they are the #1 best things to do in Denver. The locals of Denver will also suggest you go there if you asked them about the best place in Denver. 

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International Church of Cannabis will give you a tour of the world of light. Dancing of light with music, it will feel like you’re in heaven. You can also go for a laser light experience. And if you have children then they will give you a discount for your children. That means more children means more discounts. 

3. Washington Park

Address: 1555 California St. Suite 300 Denver, CO 80202


Park is the heart of the city. This 155 acres park will give you the full nature vibe to enjoy Denver with your friends and family. You may already hear about this park. Because it’s one of the most famous parks in the United States. 

If you want to go for a walk, you can go there. If you want to go there for biking, you can go there. You can also go there for yoga, boating, fishing, playing tennis, and much more thing. Let me mark down some of the best things about Washington Park: 

  • 155 acres long area
  • Free to visit
  • 10 tennis courts 
  • Best place to hangout
  • Open 24/7

4. Twilight Ghost Tour

Address: 901 Sherman St, Denver, CO 80203, USA


Twilight Ghost Tour is a haunted place in Denver and you can visit there if you are brave enough. You can go there after the evening for a walk to take a spooky feeling. This place has some best-haunted sites such as Poets Row and Sheedy Mansion and also Molly Brown House. 

You can go there to enjoy a scary but good time. Your kids also can go there if he/she is older than six. To enjoy this trip you have to spend $30 for each head. 

5. 16th Street Mall

Address: 1001 16th St Mall, Denver, CO 80265, USA


If you’re a husband you may not like this place at all. But your wife is going to be very happy if you go there with her. 


Every girl likes to visit places like restaurants, beaches, mountains, museums, or any other place. Although the mall stays very close to their heart. Every girl likes to visit malls. So, if you want to make your wife happy then you guys have to go their must. You’ll literally find a lot of shops there. It’s also a great place if you are playing to take a spa. So go there and have fun and don’t forget to have enough balance in your bank account. 

Top shops in 16th Street Mall

  1. I Heart Denver
  2. H&M
  3. Euflore
  5. Sportsfan
  6. Santa Fe Cookie Company
  7. Tattered Cover
  8. Rosey’s Boutique
  9. Rockmount Ranch Wear
  10. Jerri’s Tobacco Shop and Fine Wines

6. Denver Zoo

Address: 2300 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205, USA


The zoo is one of the best and most popular parts of the city. Every tourist should visit a city’s zoo to learn about the city and the country’s environment. 

As with any other city, if you ever visit Denver I’ll highly recommend you to go to the Denver Zoo with your friends and family. It will help you to connect with nature and nature’s most beautiful creation of animals. If you are still in doubt about whether is it worth visiting a zoo then let me tell you some key points about this zoo.

  • Denver Zoo is the home to 4,100 animals
  • There are more than 600 species in the zoo
  • To see American Lion
  • It’s a non-profit zoo
  • To see Grizzly Bear
  • It has an Aquarium
  • Children like to see animals 
  • Zoo is an educational place

7. Kirkland Museum

Address: 1201 Bannock St, Denver, CO 80204, United States


If you are an artist person or if you love art, then I’ll recommend you to go to Kirkland Museum. We already talked about a museum, but this museum is for artist lovers, who have a connection with the art. 

Kirkland Museum already completed its 20th anniversary. In this museum, you’ll find more than 1,500 artists’ works. Every museum, especially the art museum has some highlights that attract the visitors most. In that case, Kirkland Museum has more than 400 collections of highlights. So, go there and have fun. 

8. Garden of the Gods

Address: 1805 N. 30th Street Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Garden of the Gods

If you need a real adventure, a place where you’ll find something challenging then this is the place for you. If we skip the adventure part then I like the color of this place. The orange color of those mountains will give you another level of thrilling experience. 

So, for hiking or for a small or big adventure you can go there. Exploring this place will be unforgettable for you. 

9. Downtown Aquarium

Address: 700 Water St, Denver, CO 80211, United States


Personally, I love aquariums a lot. And like me, if you are also a fan of the world of water then you also should visit this place. It’s also one of the most visited places in Denver. You’ll find many kinds of fish, sea horses, gally fish, sharks and many more species there. 

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To enjoy the beauty of the Downtown Aquarium, you may have to spend $7-$28. The price can be changed, so I can’t tell you the exact price. Although you can visit their website to know about it. 

10. Tocabe 

Address: 44th Avenue and Lowell Avenue, Denver, CO 80211


After doing all these things and after visiting all these places, you may now be hungry a lot. So, if you want to eat something good then you have to go there in Denver. Without any doubt, it’s one of the best restaurants in Denver. In some cases, it’s the only best restaurant in Denver. 

But you can go there to have lunch and dinner. They don’t serve breakfast. In Tocabe you’ll find American food. So, if you are a Chinese food lover or any other kind of food lover then this isn’t a place you should go. The customer rating of this restaurant is 4.7 (at this moment) which well good enough as a restaurant. And if you want you can order food from their website, so you don’t have to go to their restaurant. I have to mention one more piece of information that, they also have some Indian foods. So, if you’re from India or you love Indian food then you can try their food. Now let me tell you about some of the best food in this restaurant: 

  • Stuffed Fry Bread
  • Bison Rib’s
  • Melting Pot Salad
  • Indian Taco 
  • Medicine Wheel Nachos
  • Wild Rice
  • Red Quinoa & Wheatberry

So, those are some of their best food. They also have many more recipes. If you are in Denver I’ll recommend you to try them out. 


So, those are the top 10 places in Denver or the top 10 things to do in Denver. I’ll recommend you to go at least five of the places mentioned above in the list. You’ll enjoy your day if you visit those places. Although I hope so. 

But remember one thing, those are not the only places in Denver. There are hundreds of more places you can visit in Denver. I just recommend the top 10 that I like. I think you should visit those places if you ever go to Denver. Finally, if you still have any doubts or questions you can ask me in the comment section below. 

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