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Spotify is one of the most famous music apps on this planet. If you want to listen to music or podcast then Spotify will be the best choice. There are many best features on this app that you’re not going to find on any other app. But the main problem with this app is that it’s a paid app. 

Yes, there is a free version. But, who wants to list ads in between listening to songs? Ads are so annoying. So, what should you do or what should we do? Today we’re going to talk about that and I will tell you a way which will be very helpful for you. If you follow my steps then you can use Spotify for free for the rest of your life. So, let’s see how to do that. But before that, you should know what is Spotify if you still don’t know about it. 

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a digital service that gives you access to listen to millions of songs and podcasts. It was founded in 2006 and now it’s one of the most famous music listening platforms in the world. Both musicians and listeners love this platform. 

The best part of this platform or app is that you can use it for free. But there will be some ads. They need to earn some money to give you the service right? Though there is a premium service of them. There you have to buy a subscription and after that, you’ll get some benefits and one of the benefits is, that there will be no ads.

Other benefits of a subscribed user

 You may have a question on your mind, what are the other benefits if you buy the premium service of Spotify? So, to answer your question I’m here. The other benefits of Spotify Premium are:

  • Can listen to new music
  • Better audio quality
  • Can download music
  • Can listen to music offline
  • No ads
  • Block explicit music

Why you should use Spotify?

The main reason that you should use Spotify is it’s the best music-listening platform at this time. Even there are many other features like a personal playlist, music in the background, different mood options, and much more that you are not going to find on any other app. Maybe there are some other platforms like that, though it’s the best one. 

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So, the final sentence is that you definitely should use Spotify. Even if you didn’t use it still, then just give it a try. I’m damn sure you’re going to love it so much. 

How to download Spotify for free?

The download process is so much easier. It’s not that hard at all. All you have to do is just follow the steps I’m going to tell you now and after that, you’re all good to go. Then you can listen to music from Spotify for free. 

Download Spotify For Free

To download Spotify for free, follow these steps:

  • You’ll find a download link down below, click on that link and download the Spotify app.
  • After downloading the app, install it.
  • Now just open the app and log in with your Spotify account.
  • Now listen to whatever music you want. 

Download Spotify v8.8.90.893

Will this app be harmful to your device?

No, there are no risks to using this app. Though it’s a mod apk, it’s going to be fine and you can use this app without any problem for the rest of your life. Don’t know what is going to happen in the future but I think there will not going to be any problem with that.

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How to use Spotify on Android for Free?

To use Spotify for free on Android, just follow the steps I already told you. Download the app, install it, and enjoy. That is all you have to do to use Spotify for free on your Android device. Not only on your device, to use on any device. 

Will this app have all the premium services?

Yes, this app will have all the premium services. You can listen to music in the background, the audio quality will be great. You’ll find all the music and you can listen to new music ASAP. The main point is you will find everything on it. 

Should you use this app?

If you have the money to buy the premium version of Spotify then don’t use this app. You should then buy the premium app. Because the developers do a very hard job of making this app for you. So, if you don’t give them money they can’t develop it. They need your support, our support. 

That is why if you can buy it, go for it. The free premium app isn’t for you. I request you to buy it if you can. Even the premium service isn’t that much expensive. It’s reasonable. So, go and buy it if you can. 

How to use Spotify on iOS for Free?

Sadly, you can’t use Spotify on iOS for free. I don’t believe that there is a way to use Spotify on iOS. There shouldn’t be a way to do that. Though if it is possible, I don’t know. 

But you can install any third-party app to do that. You can use the app “BlackHole” on your iOS device to listen to all the Spotify songs. Even this “BlackHole” app also works on Android devices. If you want a detailed video about this app, you can tell me that in the comment section. I’ll try to make a specific article about this app. 

Why to use Spotify?

As I told you already, Spotify is one of the best music listening and streaming platforms. There are no apps like Spotify. It has its coolness which is why everyone fell in love with it. So, you must use this app to listen to music. Even if you don’t have any other better choice.

Spotify VS Apple Music & YouTube Music 


Yes, there are some big bros with Spotify like, Apple Music and YouTube Music. Yes, I know that those are also great. However, I think Spotify is like Shakib Al Hasan. It’s an all-rounder. 

If you don’t know who is Shakib Al Hasan then I have to say about him. He is a Bangladesh cricketer and one of the best cricketers in the entire world and he’s an all-rounder. 

There are many other platforms whos are also providing music streaming platforms. But the best platform is Spotify. So without any doubt, go for it and use it. 


We’re at the end. We have to say goodbye now. But I hope you found your solution. The main point is that you have to use Spotify. There is no other reason. 

But if you don’t have money, you want to use this app for free, then you can download it from the link I already gave. Just click on that link and you’ll be good to go. After that, you can use Spotify for free and there will be all premium facilities. So don’t hesitate to download the app. I do a very hard job finding this app for you. So, listen to music every day and make your day (and night) a happy day (and a happy night). 

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