How to watch Demon Slayer for free

Demon Slayer is one of the most famous anime series ever. In 2019 the first season was released and it changed the anime world. But many of us still didn’t know anything about Demon Slayer except the name of this fantastic series.

Maybe that’s why you want to watch Demon Slayer and you want to know how you can watch Demon Slayer. Today I’m going to tell you how you can watch Demon Slayer in order without trouble.

Introduction of Demon Slayer

There are 3 seasons of Demon Slayer. The seasons are Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba S01, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba S02, and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba S03. Currently, season 3 is running.

The main character of Demon Slayer is Tanjiro Kamado. Tanjiro Kamado is a kind-hearted boy. In season 1, the story begins with Tanjiro Kamado and his family. They lived on a mountain peacefully. But one day a tragic event happened. One day Tanjiro went to the village to sell the woods and before he return to his family the night came. So, he stayed in a man’s house to spend the rest of the night because he have to go through the forest to reach his house and in the night the forest is so much dangerous. The reason for this is the demons.

demon slayer

The next day Tanjiro starts his journey to his home. But after arriving home he saw that every member of his family has been killed by the demons. Only his younger sister is alive but she turned into a demon. Determined to find a way to revert his sister back to human, Tanjiro decides to become a demon slayer.

The name of Tanjiro Kamado’s sister is Nezuko Kamado. So, to become a demon slayer, Tanjiro got training from Sakonji Urokodaki. Sakonji Urokodaki is Tanjiro’s first trainer. Although in the future he learned a lot from many others. As you shall see from the seasons, Tanjiro is a very quick learner and this skill helps him to become a very good demon slayer.

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After completing the training from Sakonji Urokodaki he joins in a test and after that, he becomes a demon slayer. In the future, he makes many friends and I especially want to mention Agatsuma Zenitsu and Hashibira Inosuke. Afterward, we will also be going to introduce Muzan Kibutsuji, who is the powerful king of all demons. We will also be going to know about Hashiras and about some more characters who play important roles in the series. I think writing more about the story plot will be a spoiler.

Demon Slayer Character Names

There are many characters in Demon Slayer. Some of them are the main characters, some of them are Hasihars, some of them are demons, some of them are Swordsmith village characters, and there are also many other characters. Let’s talk about some of them.

Demon Slayer Main Character Names

  • Tanjiro Kamado (Main Protagonist)
  • Nezuko Kamado (Sister of Tanjiro Kamado)
  • Zenitsu Agatsuma (Demon Slayer and Friend of Tanjiro Kamado)
  • Inosuke Hashibira (Demon Slayer and Friend of Tanjiro Kamado)
  • Kanao Tsuyuri (Demon Slayer)
  • Kibutsuji Muzan (King of all Demons)

Demon Slayer All Hashira Character Names

There is a total of nine Hashiras in Demon Slayer. Let’s know their name and power.

  • Giyū Tomioka: He is the water Hashira. He’s also one of the important characters of Demon Slayer season 3.
  • Shinobu Kochō: She is the insect Hashira.
  • Kyojuro Rengoku: He is the flame Hashira and personally he is my favorite Hashira.
  • Tengen Uzui: He is the sound Hashira and he’s also a husband of three wives.
  • Mitsuri Kanroji: She is the love Hashira.
  • Muichirō Tokitō: He is the mist Hashira.
  • Gyomei Himejima: He is the stone Hashira.
  • Obanai Iguro: He is the serpent Hashira.
  • Sanemi Shinazugawa: He is the wind Hashira.

Swordsmith Village Character Names

  • Hotaru Haganezuka
  • Kotetsu
  • Kozo Kanamori

Demon Slayer Demons Character Names

  • Kibutsuji Muzan
  • Nezuko Kamado
  • Gyutaro
  • Akaza
  • Enmu
  • Daki
  • Rui (& Spider Family)
  • Tamayo
  • Hantengu
  • Gyokko
  • Kyogai

demon slayer

Watch Demon Slayer For Free

There are a lot of websites out there and those websites will offer you to watch Demon Slayer for free. But many websites are fake and they don’t give the proper thing that you want.

So, the best way to watch Demon Slayer is from a trusted website or media that will give you access to watch Demon Slayer. Although I found a website which pretty good to watch Demon Slayer. You can even download any episode if you want. Finally, I will recommend you to visit that website. The website name is demonslayerseason3.com and now I will tell you how you can watch Demon Slayer from this website.

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Steps to watch Demon Slayer for free

I will show you two steps to do that. The first will be the manual way and the second will be the direct way.

Manual Way

  • First, go to any browser and search on any search engine as “Demon Slayer Season 3 Free Online”. You can search it on any search engine but I will recommend you to use the Google search engine.
  • After searching it you’ll find the website demonslayerseason3.com and now you have to visit this website.
  • After visiting this website you’ll find many posts with the name of demon slayer season and episode names. Just go to the specific season and episode that you want to watch.
  • After opening a specific post you’ll find the video at the top and below the video there will be text.
  • If any of the posts haven’t any video then that episode isn’t released. You just have to wait until that specific episode is released.

Direct Way

The direct way is to just go to the website directly by clicking the button below. After clicking on the button you’ll be redirected to the website where you can watch demon slayer.

Watch Demon Slayer

Watch Demon Slayer on Netflix

If you’re a Netflix user and you have a subscription to Netflix then you can watch Demon Slayer on it. But, you’ll just find Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba season 1 only on Netflix.

That means you can only watch the season 1 on Netflix. After that you have to choose any other platform to watch the next two seasons or in the future there will many more seasons (I hope so).

If you’re a Netflix user you should know how to watch Demon Slayer on it. I think there is nothing to show this again.

Demon Slayer on Other Platforms

There are many other good platforms whos will offer you to watch Demon Slayer without having any problem. Now I’m going to tell about some of them.

1. Demon Slayer on Cruchyroll

You can watch Demon Slayer all seasons on crunchyroll.com and the best part of crunchyroll.com is that you’ll find all new episodes here ASAP.

But their service is premium. That means you have to pay them to watch Demon Slayer. Although they also provide 15 days free trial. So, you can take the trial first to see how is their service.

2. Demon Slayer on Hulu

If you are a regular Hulu user then you can also Demon Slayer on it. However, Hulu is also like Netflix. I mean they only provide the season 1 of Demon Slayer. You can’t watch the other seasons of Demon Slayer on Hulu.

3. Demon Slayer on Apple TV

For the Apple users, I have something to say. If you want to watch Demon Slayer on Apple TV then you can also do that. Demon Slayer is also available on Apple TV.


We are at the final destination of this article. I hope you found something good in this article. Oh, I also forget to mention another platform. You can also watch Demon Slayer on Disney+ and on many other platforms.

Demon Slayer is so famous and it’s becoming one of the most viewed anime ever. Personally, I love the character Tanjiro Kamado and Kyojuro Rengoku. So, if you didn’t watch Demon Slayer already then go to demonslayerseason3.com to watch Demon Slayer for free.

If your ISP provides any FTP server then you can also see that those FTP servers provide Demon Slayer. There are many more ways to watch Demon Slayer. I talked about the ways I know and I think the best way. If you have anything to ask me you can tell me that in the comment section or you can send me an email. You’ll find my email on the About page.

So, watch Demon Slayer if you didn’t watch it already. I hope you’ll like it. Have a nice day!

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