How much money will ‘Jawan’ earn in its first week?


‘Jawan’ isn’t just a movie, it’s a hope for Bollywood. Because whenever Shah Rukh Khan comes with a film, that will be a hope for Bollywood. ‘Jawan’ is also like that. 

After the movie ‘Zero’, Shah Rukh Khan got into a break and maybe with him Bollywood also took a break. But the brightness of Bollywood came back after releasing Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Pathaan’. Now the whole of Bollywood will get its fame back, at least Bollywood is hoping that. And they are getting this hope from ‘Jawan’. That is why ‘Jawan’ is not just a movie it’s a hope.

However, the main question is how much ‘Jawan’ is going to earn. Because the total money that ‘Jawan’ will earn will tell us that is it a blockbuster film or a flop film. However, we all are 99% hoping that ‘Jawan’ will break all the records Bollywood has already. 

Today we’re not going to discuss the total money ‘Jawan’ is going to earn. We’ll talk about the first week. How much money ‘Jawan’ will can earn in its first week? Let’s discuss it and try to find out the answer.

‘Jawan’ first-week earning

In the case of ‘Pathaan’, it’s able to make 102 crores rupees on its first day. Which is outstanding and remarkable. And in its first week the film ‘Pathaan’ was able to earn 315 crores rupees. But what will happen in the case of ‘Jawan’?

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According to the source of TreadXpress, they are saying that ‘Jawan’ will able to earn 120 crores to 150 crores rupees in its first day. Which is a lot more compared to ‘Pathaan’. And if it happens and if it goes like that then ‘Jawan’ is going to create a new record and maybe able to earn 350 crores to 400 crores rupees. If ‘Jawan’ succeeds in fulfilling that record then without any doubt this is going to be the best movie in Hollywood history and Shah Rukh Khan will break his own record once again. 


So, ‘Jawan’ will earn 350 crores rupees to 400 crores rupees in its first week. If ‘Jawan’ is able to do that then this film will turn into a golden egg for Hollywood. And by any chance, if this film is able to earn more money then it will become the diamon egg for Hollywood without any doubt. 

What movies Shah Rukh Khan is going to make after ‘Jawan’?

There are a lot more movies Shah Rukh Khan is going to do in the future. Some of them are already announced and those are also going to be some of the best movies from Shah Rukh Khan. 

If we’re lucky we may be able to watch Shah Rukh Khan’s other movie ‘Dunki’. This movie is directed by Rajkumar Hirani. In the case of Rajkumar Hirani’s movie, I think I don’t need to mention his movies. He is the creator of some great movies like ‘3 Idiots’, ‘PK’, ‘Sanju’, and many more. 

Shah Rukh Khan is going to be cast in ‘Tiger 3’ also. And that one is making the fans a lot crazy compared to other movies. Because in that movie we’re going to see Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan together. And there is one more movie called ‘Tiger vs Pathaan’ and this movie is going to make crazy all the fans of SRK, as well as Salman Khan. 

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There may be some more movies where we will be able to see King Khan Shah Rukh Khan. But to see that we have to wait. 

How to watch ‘Jawan’?

There are multiple ways to watch ‘Jawan’. You can see ‘Jawan’ by doing multiple things. Although I’m going to tell you some of the ways.

  • In a movie theater: ‘Jawan’ will be released in your nearest theater on 7 September 2023. So, if you want to enjoy this movie with total fun then you must have to watch it in a theater. Without it, there is no need to become a pirate. 
  • In OTP Platform: After a few months of releasing the movie in a movie theater ‘Jawan’ will also be published on an OTP platform. The same thing happened in the case of ‘Pathan’ and we also hope that it’s going to happen for ‘Jawan’.
  • On TV: Every movie is broadcast on TV also. Maybe you have to wait a few months to happen. At first, every movie is released in a theater because that movie has to earn money and this is the main purpose of making a movie. However, after a few months, the movie also streams on TV channels. So, you can wait for it. 


So, that is all about for today. I hope you got your answer to the question, of how much money ‘Jawan’ will earn in its first week. The expected number is very high. It should be around 350 crores rupees to 400 crores rupees.

But we have to wait to see what actually happens with this hope of Bollywood. I’m personally very excited about this movie and I hope you’re also excited about it. That’s all for today. The talk about ‘Jawan’ has just begun and it will go on far longer. Let me know your opinion about this question. I will be very happy to hear about it. 

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