Tiger Vs Pathaan Story (Guess)

Tiger Vs Pathaan is a movie that will change the concept of Bollywood. It will be a movie of a duo, a movie of emotion, and a movie of a historical revolution in Bollywood. 

Millions of people want to watch this movie as soon as possible. Although it will be released in 2024 the date is still unknown. It could be possible that the movie will be released later than the announced year. It could be released in 2025 and if that happens then we have to wait for a longer time to watch that masterpiece. And that’s why you may here to know what kind of story it will be. 

We’re expecting a lot from this movie. Although we don’t know what it could be. But we have some theories and today we’re going to talk about them. The things that I’m going to tell you today are just an expectation or guess. There is a high chance that those things not going to happen in real. However, we love to read this kind of thing. So, let us get started. 

Tiger Vs Pathaan Story

To know what will be the story of ‘Tiger Vs Pathaan’ we have to first know about ‘Pathaan’. Shah Rukh Khan’s movie ‘Pathaan’ was released on January 25, 2023. From this movie, we are able to know that the worlds of Tiger and Pathaan are the same. It was a great turnover for the Bollywood industry. It was a dream for Bollywood lovers to see three khans together in a film and on ‘Pathaan’ half of the dream was fulfilled by seeing two khans together. 

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But the viewers are not satisfied with that. Because on ‘Pathaan’ they both are together for only a few minutes. So, they want to see both the khans together for a much long time. So, is that going to happen? Yes, it’s going to happen on ‘Tiger Vs Pathaan’. We’ll talk about it but first, we should talk about something else to understand what will be the story of Tiger Vs Pathaan. 

Pathaan: The beginning of the duo 

On Pathaan no one expected that we were going to get something like that. Everyone expected that it would be a movie where we’d only see SRK. But when Salman Khan showed over in that movie everyone got crazy. It was a breathtaking moment to see those two khans together. They fought together against the villains and they won. 

tiger vs pathaan

But in the end, before Tiger disappears, he asks Pathaan for help. Tiger said that he was going on a big mission and he may need the help of Pathaan. And this mission is going to be on ‘Tiger 3’. 

Tiger 3: The Big Mission

On ‘Tiger 3’ we’ll see the big mission Tiger talked about. At the end of the movie, we’ll see the appearance of Pathaan on that movie. 

We’re supposing that, at first Pathaan will help Tiger to complete the mission. But at some point, they may have different opinions about something and from here the story of ‘Tiger vs. Pathaan’ will begin. Or it may happen after completing the story of ‘Tiger 3’ and we may know about Tiger vs. Pathaan in the post-credit scene. 

tiger vs pathaan

But, we’ll know something about Tiger vs. Pathaan on Tiger 3. In Pathaan we saw that they both are like best friends and they were having fun while fighting. So, it will be interesting to see what will be the story of ‘Tiger Vs Pathaan’. Although we got some predictions, now we’ve to wait to see whether those predictions turn into reality or not. Now, let’s know more about this movie. 

Tiger Vs Pathaan

Everyone supposes that this movie will be the most popular movie in Hollywood history. The budget for this movie is 300 crores rupee and now let’s see how much money the movie can earn. 

Tiger Vs Pathaan Casts

  • Salman Khan (Tiger)
  • Shah Rukh Khan (Pathaan)

Tiger Vs Pathaan Director

The director of Tiger Vs Pathaan is Siddharth Anand. 

Tiger Vs Pathaan Release Year

The release year of Tiger Vs Pathaan is 2024. 


Tiger Vs Pathaan will be a great movie without any doubt. Now we have to just wait to see how the movie will be. We hope it will be great and excellent. This movie will be able to make goosebumps. 

Millions of people like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, and also love the character Tiger and Pathaan. The main point is that we love both of them and in the movie, if it is like that we have to choose one side then it will be difficult to choose a side.

The spy world of Bollywood is going crazy and there are happening a lot recently. Maybe Tiger vs Pathaan will be the end of the first era. Let’s see what is really waiting for us. 


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