How to copy to the clipboard in Vim?

Copy something in Vim is easy to do, only if you know the right process. Otherwise doing this simple task you’ll get a headache.

When someone first starts to use Vim they don’t even know how to exit Vim. At first, no one understands that they have to use the command :wq or :q! in the command mode to exit Vim. But, you may already know some of the basic commands of Vim. Now, you may be stuck on this problem. If you don’t know how you can copy something to the clipboard in Vim then I can show you that.

Copy something to the clipboard in Vim

Normally to copy something in Vim we use the yank command. To copy a single text we use y command and to copy a single or current line we use yy command. But this copy code or text stayed inside Vim. We only paste the copied text or code inside Vim. We can’t paste it outside of Vim.

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To copy and paste from Vim to outside we have to use a specific command and the command is "+y and it is to copy a single text and copy a single or current line the command will be "+yy.

Finally, if you want to know how to copy everything from Vim to the clipboard then I can also teach you that. To do that use this command: "=yG and everything inside Vim will be copied into your clipboard.

Disclaimer: If you want to copy everything from Vim then first go to the first line and the character, otherwise the command will copy from the cursor. To go to the first line you can use this command: gg.

So, this is the process or trick to copy something to the clipboard from Vim. I hope it feels easy like as exit Vim. Although if you still have any problem or question you can tell me that in the comment section.

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