Why Netflix Turned off its Free Trial Mode


Netflix turned off its free trial mode and they also said what is the reason to did that. Netflix has said that it’s for an experimental purpose.

The reason to turn off the free trial mode of Netflix is to attract new users. Although you can still sign up on Netflix to take all the other advantages. Your freedom is also going to be the same as in the past. You can change your plan on Netflix and you can also cancel the plan anytime you want.

Netflix is claiming that they are trying to give their users a great user experience with a different strategy. Also, they are trying to attract new users to Netflix.

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Netflix trial was a great thing in my opinion. Canceling it wasn’t a great idea I think. Many people want to access the trial mode to see how the experience will be after they purchase the service of Netflix. Although Netflix turn off the Netflix trial mode and in that case, we can’t do anything at all.

Maybe if a lot of users said to Netflix that they need the Netflix trial mode then Netflix can bring it back. But, for now, there is no such thing as a Netflix trial. So, go to Netflix and select a plan to use Netflix. You can cancel your plan anytime you want. So, happy entertainment!

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