15 Most Important HTML Interview Questions and Answers

If you’re a website developer, especially a front-end developer then the interviewer can ask you HTML questions. Many people think that HTML-related questions are very easy. But, it’s not like that actually.

There are many tricky HTML questions and many important ones also. So, your knowledge of HTML also needs to be crystal clear if you want to pass an interview. That’s why we made a list of the 15 most important HTML interview questions with the answers. Don’t forget to look at those questions before you attend an interview.

HTML Top 15 Questions & Answers


1. What is HTML?

Answer: HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language and HTML is the language of the WWW (World Wide Web).

2. Is HTML a programming language?

Answer: Many people think it’s a programming language. But the truth is, HTML isn’t a programming language. It’s a markup language.

3. What are HTML Attributes?

Answer: Attributes are the properties of an HTML tag. Attributes help to change the tag’s behavior.

4. What is the difference between ordered and unordered lists?

Answer: An ordered list represents a list in numerical order format or alphabetical order format or any format where you’ll find an order. On the other hand, unordered lists represent a list with bullets, points, etc.

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5. Can we add a hyperlink to an image?

Answer: Yes, we can add a hyperlink to an image also.

6. What does <!DOCTYPE HTML> means?

Answer: The DOCTYPE says the web browser which HTML version we’re using.

7. What is the latest specification of the HTML language?

Answer: The latest specification of the HTML language is HTML5.

8. In which year HTML was invented?

Answer: The first version of HTML was invented in 1993.

9. Who is the inventor of HTML?

Answer: Tim Berners-Lee was the inventor of HTML. He wrote the first version of this markup language.

10. Can we design a webpage using HTML?

Answer: We can’t design a webpage using HTML. We need CSS for that.

11. What is the difference between HTML and XHTML?

Answer: The main difference between HTML and XHTML is the first one is less expressive and the second one is more expressive. We already know the full form of HTML and the complete form of XHTML is Extensible Hypertext Markup Language.

12. What is the use of an iframe tag?

Answer: An iframe tag is used to display a specific web page inside a web page. Like a nested loop where a loop is placed inside another loop.

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13. What is the use of alternative texts in images?

Answer: If an image doesn’t found or loaded from the server the alternative text will define what the image is about.

14. What is the use of a span tag?

Answer: The span tag helps to add colors to text and background and it’s also used to highlight any text.

15. How many ways are there to use CSS in HTML?

Answer: There are mainly three ways to use CSS in HTML.

So, those are the most important interview questions and answers of HTML. If you know HTML well then those questions are like drinking a glass of water for you.

We are at the end of this article and before ending today’s journey, I want to give you another piece of advice. The main part of an interview is not to show the interviewers that you’re afraid. If you don’t know any questions just told the interviewers politely. And give the best you can.

If you still have any questions for me, you can tell me in the comment section below, and very very best of luck for your next interview.

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