Best Programming Language to Learn in 2024

A new year has started. At this time many people want to do something new, something special. And to do that, many of us will start to learn programming.

But there are a lot of programming languages out there. Many of them are so famous. Though no programming language has the #1 rank. And that is why, beginners get confused about which language they should learn. So, today we’ll know what is the best programming language to learn in 2024. Which language should you choose in 2024 and which language should you avoid in 2024?

We’ll know about that, we’ll go to the depth of this question and we’ll try to understand which language is going to change the tech industry in 2024. But first I want to clear something to you guys. 

The list I’m going to make is my personal opinion. It’s not like that you must have to follow this step. I am just giving my opinion. I have to make a list for you and I have to set a language to the #1 rank. But, remember one thing, all the languages are good in their place. All of them have some pros and cons. So, don’t judge me, and don’t say why should you put this language to the #1 rank instead of this language. I think now we should start our journey to learn about the best programming language to learn in 2024. 

Top Programming Language to Learn in 2024

Based on an article, there are more than 10,000 languages out there in the world. But from them, maybe 100-200 are known in the tech industry very well. And from them, 30-40 are used in real-life industries. But from them, there are some very famous languages. Like, Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, C/C++, Ruby, and many more. And based on that data, I’m making this list. So, let’s see which are the top programming languages in 2024. 

1. Python

First, we have Python in this list. Every Python programmer or Python lover will now say that I did a great job. And every other language developer will say I’m a duffer. I told you earlier that it’s my personal opinion so don’t judge me and let me tell you about this language. 

What is Python?

Python is a high-level, interpreted, object-oriented programming language and one of the most famous programming languages. The creator of this language is Guido van Rossum and it was released in 1991. 

Why use Python?

You can use Python to develop website backend, software, task automation, etc. You can also use Python for data analysis, and data visualization. But that’s not finished yet. You can do many more things with Python. Let me give you a list:

  • Web Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning 
  • AI
  • Robotics
  • Cybersecurity
  • IoT
  • Desktop GUI Application
  • Audio and Video processing 

How to learn Python?

There are many ways to learn Python. You can follow a YouTube channel you can read a book or you can learn from documentation. But I’m going to give you three of them.

Best YouTube Video to Learn Python

  1. Python Full Course for free:
  2. Python Tutorial – Python Full Course for Beginners:
  3. Python Full Course – 2024:

Python Documentation

  1. Python official documentation:
  2. Real Python documentation:
  3. Devdocs Python documentation:

Best Books to Learn Python

  1. Fluent Python by Luciano Ramalho
  2. Python Crash Course, 3rd Edition: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming by Eric Matthes
  3. Serious Python: Black-Belt Advice on Deployment, Scalability, Testing, and More by Julien Danjou

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is the king of websites. Every website needs this language. That is why it’s a language that can’t be replaced with any other programming language. It’s also the best language and most famous language in the world. So, this is the language you must learn in 2024. It will help you achieve a lot of things and it’ll also help you to get a job. 

I can give you 1000 reasons to learn this language. But we’ll go step by step. We’ll follow the steps we did for Python. 

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is the core technology of the web or it’s a programming language for the web. It’s also a scripting language. JavaScript also can change HTML and CSS. It also can do many more things but for the basic knowledge that’s enough information for you to go. 

Why use JavaScript?

The first reason to learn JavaScript is to develop websites. You can’t develop a website without this language. You must have to use this language if you want to develop a website. So, if you want to become a website developer then study this language. It doesn’t matter whether you want to be a front-end developer or a back-end developer. The main point is that you must have to learn JavaScript. And you can also develop mobile apps with JavaScript if you want. Yes, many people will now say that JavaScript isn’t a great choice to develop apps. I know that, but the point is that you can develop apps using JavaScript. 

How to learn JavaScript?

Like Python, you can learn JavaScript from many places. However, I’m going to give you some sources to learn this language. 

Best YouTube video to learn JavaScript

  1. JavaScript Full Course (2023) – Beginner to Pro – Part 1:
  2. JavaScript Programming Tutorial for Beginners:
  3. JavaScript Full Course for free:

JavaScript Documentations 

  1. Mozilla JavaScript Documentations:
  2. Devdocs JavaScript Documentations:
  3. JavaScript Info JavaScript Documentations:

Best books to learn JavaScript

  1. The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford
  2. Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd Edition: A Modern Introduction to Programming by Marijn Haverbeke
  3. You Don’t Know JS Series by Kyle Simpson

3. C/C++

Many people will now say that Java should be number 3 or maybe any other language. But there is a reason to put C/C++ on the rank of #3. First, let me explain that to you guys. 

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While learning something the most important part is to understand the basics. In the field of programming, it’s also the same. I think many beginners skip the basics of programming. And in that part, C/C++ will help you. It will help you to understand many concepts of programming. That’s why I’ll refer you to learn this language first. If you can master this language, then you can master any other programming language. In one world C/C++ will help you to become a better programmer, a true programmer. 

What is C/C++?

C is a general-purpose computer programming language and C++ is an object-oriented programming language. Those are the most famous and oldest programming languages. Even C is called the mother of all programming languages. If you ask a computer engineer what the first programming language they learned, then they will answer that it’s C or C++. C/C++ is the language which is loved by millions of people. 

Why use C/C++?

As we know C/C++ is one of the most popular and powerful languages, which means we can do a lot of things with this language. Let me give you a list of that:

  • Game Development
  • High-Performance Computing 
  • Networking 
  • Database Systems 
  • Operating System Development 
  • Graphics and GUI Applications
  • Embedded Systems Development
  • Financial Applications 
  • Security Software

And much more. 

How to learn C/C++?

The best way to learn C/C++ is by using the documentation. It’s my personal opinion. Though you can follow YouTube videos also. 

C/C++ Documentation

  1. Documentation:
  2. Devdocs Documentation:
  3. Microsoft Documentation: 

Best YouTube Video to Learn C/C++

  1. C++ Programming Course – Beginner to Advanced:
  2. C++ Full Course for Free:
  3. C Programming Full Course for free:
  4. C Programming for Beginners | Full Course:

Best books to learn C/C++

  1. The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup
  2. Think Like a Programmer: An Introduction to Creative Problem Solving by V. Anton Spraul
  3. A Tour of C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup

4. Java

Now we have Java on the list. In the list of top programming languages java will be there for sure. Java is a multi-platform, object-oriented, and network-centric language that can be used as a platform in itself.

Java has a tagline that, codes once and runs anywhere. It’s the best part of this language. Another reason that this language is so famous is because of Android. If you want to develop an Android app then you need to use this language. 

What is Java?

I already told you what Java is. But let me tell you about it again. Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language and one of the most used programming languages. 

Why use Java?

Mostly Java is used for three major reasons. They are to develop android apps, to develop website backend, and, to develop software. Though it’s also used for many other reasons. Like, game development, scientific applications, IoT, embedded systems, etc. 

I want to mention other information about this language. You may know the famous game “Minecraft”. For your kind information, I want to tell you that this game was also developed using Java. 

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How to learn Java?

To learn Java you can follow YouTube videos. You can also read Java documentation or you can also read books. 

Best YouTube Channel to Learn Java

  1. Java Tutorial for Beginners:
  2. Java Full Course for free:
  3. Java Programming for Beginners – Full Course:

Java Documentations

  1. Oracle Java Documentations:
  2. Dev Java Documentations:
  3. Google Cloud Java Documentations:

Best Books to Learn Java

  1. Head First Java by Kathy Sierra
  2. Java: A Beginner’s Guide, Eighth Edition by Herbert Schildt
  3. Java From Zero: Learn Java Programming Fast for Beginners to Professionals: The Complete Guide With Code Examples and Exercises to Become a Professional by Scott Brandt

5. Go (Golang)

Let’s go with Go. If you’re planning to learn programming this year and you want to do something in the field of programming. Though you don’t know which language you should learn first then I can recommend you to go with this language. 

The market of Go or Golang is very good at this moment, but there are not many Go developers. The industry needs more Go developers. So you can contribute to this field. 

What is Go (Golang)?

Go (Golang) is a high-level programming language which is designed by Google. It’s a statically typed programming language and it’s that kind of language that it’s used to develop OS. 

Why use Go?

Go can be used in many fields. I’m going to give a list to sort out your favorite fields and to know if it is the perfect programming language for you. 

How to learn Go?

The resource for this language is not as much as other languages like Python or Java. But if you want to learn, you can learn it. 

Best YouTube Video to Learn Go (Golang)

  1. Go Programming – Golang Course with Bonus Projects:
  2. Learn GO Fast: Full Tutorial:
  3. Golang Tutorial for Beginners | Full Go Course:

Go Documentations

  1. GO Official Documentation:
  2. Devdocs Go Documentations:

Best Books to Learn GO

  1. Learning Go by Jon Bodner
  2. Head First Go by Jon Bodner

6. PHP 

I can’t complete the list without PHP. Many people think that PHP is dead now. But I don’t think so. This language still has high hopes and it’s one of the most used programming languages. 

Let me give you just one piece of information so that you can understand that PHP is still king. WordPress market share is 42.7% and we all know that WordPress is using PHP. So what can you say now? If you don’t love PHP then you have to change your mind. You may use this right now. 

What is PHP?

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language. The main reason to create PHP is to develop websites. And now it’s mostly used to develop websites. 

Why use PHP?

You can develop websites using PHP. Also, you can develop API and CLI Applications with this language. 

How to learn PHP?

YouTube videos may be the best way to learn PHP. If you can learn something by watching videos. Though you can also read books about it. 

Best YouTube Channel to Learn PHP

  1. PHP Programming Language Tutorial – Full Course:
  2. PHP Full Course for non-haters ???? (2023):
  3. PHP For Beginners | 3+ Hour Crash Course:

PHP Documentation

  1. PHP Official Documentation:
  2. Devdocs PHP Documentations:

Best Books to Learn PHP

  1. Head First PHP & MySQL by Michael Morrison
  2. PHP & MySQL: The Missing Manual by Brett McLaughlin

Which Programming Language Should You Learn in 2024?

We talked about 6 programming languages. But which one should you learn? Actually, to choose a language first identify why you’re going to learn a programming language. 

Now you have two ways. If you know why you’re going to learn a programming language then you can choose the first way and if you don’t know why you’re going to learn a programming language then go to the second way. 

The First Way 

So you’re going to the first way because you know why you’re going to learn programming. So suppose you’re going to learn programming because you want to develop websites. Then go with JavaScript. But if you don’t like this language and you want any other language then I have to say that, you just need to learn this language. Maybe the basics but you have to learn it. Besides JS you can learn Python or PHP. 

Now if you want to learn programming to develop Android apps then go with Java. If you want to do something different or you want to learn something new, a new tech then go with Golang. And if you want to be a competitive programmer and you want to learn DSA then go with C/C++. 

The Second Way

Now if you don’t know why you’re going to learn programming then go with any language you want. For you, language doesn’t matter. The main thing that matters is, do you understand what programming language is. The main target of yours is to learn the basic concepts of programming. 

So, you can go with Python, Java or C/C++. Though I’ll recommend you to go with C++. It’ll help you to understand programming deeply. 


So, that’s all for today. I hope you understand which is the best programming language to learn in 2024. And I also try to explain which programming language you should choose in 2024. 

If you still have any questions in your mind, you can tell me that and I’ll try my best to answer them. But the last thing that I want to tell you is that, don’t waste your time and start learning right now. Happy Coding!!!

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