Best web development course in Bangladesh

There are a lot of web development courses and in Bangladesh, the number may be much more than in any other country. Everyone just tries to sell courses and that for others who actually want to learn something, they confuse that which course should they buy.

Today I’m going to tell you that, which course should you buy to learn web development, which is the best web development full course? Today you’re going to know which is the best web development full course. One more thing I need to mention first is that, there are a lot of courses out there, I just told you my opinion. I think that this course is the best at this time. In the future, my opinion can be changed but at this moment I think that this course is the best course for web development and web design.

Best Web Development Course

So, without talking about anything else let me tell you about the course name first. I think that Programming Hero’s “Complete Web Development” course is the best course in Bangladesh.

First of all, let me clear one more thing, they don’t pay me a single penny for that. I did their course and I think that the course is amazing. The way they teach the way they motivate you, in one word the course is amazing. If you really want to be a website developer then this course is for you.

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About Programming Hero

The founder of programming hero is Jhankar Mahbub and he’s also the CEO of Programming Hero. The main goal of Programming Hero is to teach everyone how to code, and how develop websites and help them to be website developers. They teach website development very well and the best part of Programming Hero is that they have a very good team. And they also have a mobile app and you can download the app to learn to program.

web development

Jhankar Mahbub

Complete Web Development

Now, talk about the course. In this course, the main instructor will be Jhankar Mahbub himself and he will teach you how to develop a website. He will teach you everything you need to know to become a full-stack developer.

There are 950 videos, 45 projects, and 12 assignments in this course. If I talk about the course curriculum then there are 83 modules in this course. They will teach you HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Tailwind, JavaScript, React, Node, Express, MongoDB, and many more things.

The teaching method of Jhankar Mahbub is also quite famous. He teaches in a fun way, you’re not going to be bored while watching his videos. Now, let’s talk about the main part, about the price of this course.

Price of Complete Web Development Course

Now, let’s know about the course price. The price of this course is 5,500 Tk. The price is not that high neither is a low price. Although I hope you can effort the price to enroll this course.

If you want to enroll in this course you can’t do that right now. The enrollment will start on 10 June 2023 and the enrollment will end on 24 June 2023. The orientation will start on 28 June 2023 and the class will start on 30 June 2023. The next batch is the 8th batch, so if you want you can join the 8th batch. I hope it will be a great journey for your web developer career.

How to enroll complete web development course

To enroll in the web developer course of Programming Hero follow those steps.

  • Go to google and search for Programming Hero then click on the first link or visit directly.
  • After that click on the “Enroll” button in the top right corner. At this moment you can’t enroll, you can just register your account after 10 June 2023.

Enroll Course

Best things about Programming Hero’s Course

After enrolling in the course, they will add you to a Facebook private group and if you have any questions about the course or any concept or anything you can ask them in the group, and the mentors or any other student will answer your question.

The community is awesome and the mentors are much more awesome and their behavior of them is friendly. In one word they are great.

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So, this is the whole information about the best web development course in Bangladesh. I think that Programming Hero’s “Complete Web Development” course is one the best web developer course in Bangladesh. So, if you’re looking for a website developer course then you can buy this course.

I’m not forcing you to buy their course, I’m just saying that I enrolled in their course and I think it’s really one of the best courses. Now, it’s up to you that, do you need this course or not. They didn’t pay me to promote them, I just giving you my opinion. Happy programming journey to you!

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