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How to Check Android Version 2022

If you are using an Android phone and you don’t even know your phone’s Android version, then this post is for you. It’s really easy to find out any phone or mobile Android version.

Check Android Version Using Setting

I’m using Vivo Y50 and if you are using any other device it’s totally fine. You can use these methods on any Android device. Just follow me.

1. Find Setting and Open it

Find the setting on your phone. You can find it by searching it and then open the setting.



2. Scroll Down

The setting may look different for different phones.

Scroll down and find System management then click it. In my case, it’s System management. In some cases, it may be only “System”.


3. About phone

You’ll now see an option called About phone or Software information. It depends on your device. Just tap on it.


4. Android Version

Now you can see your device or your phone’s Android version.


5. Search Method

If you can’t find anything or any option then you can do it just using the search bar. Just open the setting and press on the search bar or search icon.


Then search for “about” and you will find the About phone option. Press on it and now you can see the Android version of your phone.


Quite easy right? But, suppose this method is not working for you. I’m sure that it’s going to work for you but suppose it’s not. Then I’m going to show you another easy method.

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Using an App

1. Open Google Play Store

Search for an app called OS Version Info for Android. Install this app from Google Play Store or any other app store or website. But, it’s recommended to install it from the Google play store. Because it’s safe to use the Google play store.


2. Open the app

Open the app (OS Version Info for Android) and press on “KNOW MORE” button. Then, you will see all information about your Android version.


3. Enjoy


By using this app, you can find or see all information about the Android version, such as Android version, Release, SDK Version, and many more.

Quick Trick

If having trouble using some app for the ads. You can turn on the Airplane mode on your phone and then all ads will disappear. If you don’t know that, it may be a life-saving trick for you. So, you are most welcome to help you.

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