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Best Online News Portals in Bangladesh

Now a day all people use their mobile or laptop or other devices to read the newspaper. It’s a common habit for all peoples in the World and for that in Bangladesh it’s also the same case.

There are a lot of news portals or online newspapers in Bangladesh. But today we are going to talk about some of the best online news portals.

So, let’s dive into that.

1. Prothom Alo

prothom alo logo

The Prothom Alo is a daily newspaper in Bangladesh. It’s published in the Bangla language but now they also have an English section also.

It’s one of the best (maybe #1) online newspapers in Bangladesh and they are also popular in papers published.

According to Alexa, Prothom Alo gains the #4 rank in Bangladesh. And according to, Prothom Alo have more than 27 million visitors per month. It’s literally a huge number of visitors. The 20%-25% of visitors came from Google.

Overall it’s one of the best websites you can visit for all kinds of news.


2. BBC Bangla

bbc logo

Who doesn’t know about BBC? The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the national broadcaster of the United Kingdom. But, they also gave their facilities in Bangladesh called BBC Bangla.

We can’t say how many visitors BBC Bangla has. Because the main domain or address is and for Bangladesh the domain is, you can see that they are using the same domain but just have a subdomain for Bangladesh.

Anyway, Alexa rank is 94 for the global and country rank is 73 and country is United State. So, it’s pretty good and in Bangladesh, it’s one of the most trusted sources for news.


3. Jagonews24


Jagonews24 is also one of the best websites in Bangladesh for news. It was launched on 10 May 2014 and within 8 years it’s become one of the best websites in Bangladesh.

The owner of this website is AKC Private Limited. And if we talk about Alexa rank it has 2069 rank worldwide and 5th in Bangladesh.

So probably we can say that it’s a great source for news.


4. Dhaka Post

dhaka post

Dhaka Post is another online news portal in Bangladesh. And the most awesome thing about Dhaka Post is it’s launched on 16 February 2021 and now it’s in the 6th number on Alexa country rank. Dhaka Post is in 2,568 numbers on global rank.

I have to just say, Alas! It’s freaky awesome news for us that, a website can be grown like that in only just 1 year.


5. Jugantor

jugantor logo

It’s the 8th most popular website in Bangladesh. The newspaper is printed or published by Jamuna Printing and Publishing Ltd. Established in 1999.

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It’s really a very big company. But, maybe it’s losing its popularity (info from Alexa). 75% of its visitors are from Bangladesh.


6. Kalerkantho

Kalerkantho is in 2,193 number on worldwide rank. In Bangladesh, it’s one of the most popular websites (Alexa rank #11). Like any other most famous news portal, it’s also a trusted source of news.

10% of this website users came from India. And they really published awesome news.


7. Somoy News

somoy tv

Actually, Somoy News is in number 23 on Alexa country rank, but personally I really like Somoy TV news and for that, I put it in 7th place.

I really like their website as much as their TV channel and YouTube channel. Somoy TV is the number one YouTube channel with more than 13 million subscribers.

Visit and also visit their YouTube Channel.

So, this is the whole list, and if you have a different list that’s cool. Let me know that in the comment section.


I make this list by getting help from Alexa and many other websites and some people from Facebook. I can’t mention all the names here but thank you all who helped me to make this list.

Personal Talk

Actually, there is a website called Sotto Samachar and it’s one of the websites managed by my family. So, you can visit this website if you want. The website address is and it’s not a famous website at this moment. But, I hope one day it’s going to be the most famous website in Bangladesh.

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