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Who is Anisul Islam?

Anisul Islam is a computer science teacher, a YouTuber, a programmer, a tech lover, a learner, and many more.

He is a passionate computer science teacher. He teach programming languages, web development, and computer science-related subjects to millions of Bangla-speaking students worldwide through his YouTube channel for the last 12 years!

Millions of programmers watch his videos, join his lectures. He has the opportunity to teach thousands of Bachelor and Higher secondary students of different institutions in Bangladesh.

anisul islam

Anisul Islam

Anisul Islam knows 4 different languages. They are Bangla, English, Hindi, and Portuguese. He likes to play Cricket, Football, Chess, Badminton, and Volleyball. He also likes to travel.

Anisul Islam’s contact number is +8801710444700. The number is collected from his website. Don’t call him without any need. Anisul Islam is from Sylhet. He spends his childhood time on Sylhet. And after HSC he started studying at the London School of Commerce & IT.

anisul islam

London School of Commerce & IT

Anisul Islam YouTube channel

With 323K subscribers, Anisul Islam (The YouTube channel name is also Anisul Islam) is one of the best YouTube channel in Bangladesh. Thousands of Bangladeshi programmers know him. Even, I’m a regular viewer of Anisul Islam.

I learn a lot of things from him. There are 1,775 videos on his channel. It’s a huge amount of video. Anisul Islam already created a lot of playlists. The main ones are

  • C Programming Bangla Tutorials (With 245 Videos)
  • Python Bangla Tutorials for Beginners (With 67 Videos)
  • C++ Bangla Tutorials (With 97 Videos)
  • Java Bangla Tutorials | Core Java | Complete OOP (With 155 Videos)
  • Java Swing Bangla Tutorials (With 101 Videos)

Anisul Islam also has a full web development series. There is a lot of playlist for web development. Such as, HTML playlist (with 36 videos), CSS playlist (with 81 videos), Bootstrap playlist (with 33 videos), JavaScript playlist (with 97 videos) and also a lot of playlists about website development.

Do you want to be an Android Apps developer? Go to his channel. There is also a playlist series about Android Apps Development. There are more than 195 videos about android apps development.

Even if you are an HSC student and you need a course for your ICT subject, then Anisul Islam can help you. There are a lot of lectures on his channel about HSC ICT subjects.

And the most important thing, on his channel you will find videos about discrete mathematics, numerical methods, Operating systems, IP addresses, subnetting, AI, and many more.

If you are a beginner in the tech world, there are also some courses for you! If you want to learn about MS Office then there are some awesome courses for you.

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Anisul Islam is so active on his YouTube channel. He nearly uploads 3 videos in a week. Maybe some of his course is old, and if Anisul Islam makes those courses again, then it will be a big help for us, for everyone.

Facebook Page

Anisul Islam also has a Facebook page with nearly 38K followers and 31K likes. He shares his YouTube channels videos on his page and support peoples and motivates them.

Study With Anis

Anisul Islam also has a website called and it’s really cool. You will find all of his courses out there. It’s just linked with his YouTube channel. Those courses are free.

I think the website needs to be improved. It’s not even secure. Maybe he developed his website using WordPress, like me.

Anisul Islam Education

  • Studied Science at Singerkatch High School & College, Sylhet, Bangladesh.
  • SSC 2005 – 2006
  • HSC 2007 – 2008
      Studied Science at Baramchal High School & College, Sylhet, Bangladesh.
  • Professional diploma 2010 – 2012
      Studied Travel/Tourism Marketing at London School of Commerce & IT, London, UK.
  • B.Sc. 2013 – 2017
      Studied B.Sc. in CSE from Leading University, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Anisul Islam Works

  • Jhingabari High school and college

ICT Teacher · April 2016 to 12 August 2017 · Sylhet

  • Sylhet Engineering College

Computer Science Lecturer. January 2018 to running. Sylhet.

  • Youtube

Computer Teacher · 7 January 2010 to present · Sylhet

  • ICCS coaching center
  • Computer Teacher · 7 November 2017 to present · Sylhet

How to contact Anisul Islam?

You can call him on his mobile number if you need. The mobile number is +8801710444700 Or you can mail him or send him a message on his social media account. The email address of Anisul Islam is don’t send him mail without any need.

Anisul Islam Socil Media Links

Anisul Islam Skills

Anisul Islam has a lot of skills. And he is still learning more. Let me tell me some of his skills.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Bootstrap
  4. JavaScript
  5. JSON
  6. Sass
  7. jQuery
  8. React
  9. MongoDB
  10. MySql
  11. C
  12. C++
  13. Java
  14. Python
  15. AI
  16. Networking

There is also a lot of skill that he knows. I can’t tell all of them, and I also don’t know all of them.

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