Bangladeshi Game Annihilation Mobile

Bangladesh’s first-ever Battle Royale game is Annihilation Mobile. It’s has been published and available on the Google play store.

But, it’s the Annihilation Mobile (Pre Beta). Developers are trying to launch the main version. They just need some time. That’s true that people are waiting for a whole decade. We don’t know how much time we need to wait in the future. But, we can’t do anything without waiting for the main version.

Annihilation already achieved 100K+ downloads and on the play store, their rating is 4.1. Annihilation is too much laggy at this moment. It’s just unplayable. However, as a Bangladeshi, I think they are doing great. Just we deserve more because Bangladeshi people are supporting them (Many peoples are not! Shame on them).

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It’s doesn’t have an iOS version at this moment. Maybe in some months iOS users also can access this game. So, let’s know more about Annihilation Mobile.

What is Annihilation Mobile?

Annihilation Mobile is a game universe featuring significant conflicts from history and the future. The season-based story and lore are accompanied by battle royale gameplay. In this universe, players customize their characters to battle against each other for loot: like weapons, cosmetics, character skills, and abilities. Players have full ownership of these virtual items, and they can buy, sell, trade, alter, and swap them within the game’s internal economy.

The game is developed by Crisis Entertainment with 8 members. The CEO of Crisis Entertainment is Sian. It’s the first Battel Royale game in Bangladesh. Annihilation was released on March 23, 2022.

It’s already available on the Play Store. In the future, it’s also going to be available on App Store. They are also developing a PC version.


annihilation mobile

Plot Setting

The game is based on a very interesting story. The story renders the real Bangladesh in a science fiction plot. As per the story, an alien ship arrived in the march. The ship looks like the alien ship used in the Superman movie. After that, you will get to see Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, where the aliens landed and started spreading panic everywhere in the world. That’s how the game will start and progress through different missions.

Why it’s not good at all?

Making a Battle Royale game is not easy. Game industries like Epic Games, Tencent, Garena, and all others have a good budget to make a game. They can spend a lot of money to make a game.

On the other hand, Crisis Entertainment (Owner of Annihilation Mobile and also the developer) doesn’t have a good budget to develop Annihilation Mobile. They can’t effort good developers or other kinds of stuff. All they have to need is some time. But, many people are using bad words on online and on social media.

It’s really hard to make a Battle Royale game. In Bangladesh, the game industry is not good at all. It’s just started in Bangladesh. No one wants to spend their money on the game industry. So, it’s hard to make a good quality game within a small amount of budget and in a short time.

What can we do for them?

We can’t help them with the budget. However, we can help them by supporting them. All they need from us is support. We can motivate them, so they can have believed that, Bangladesh is with them.

The Team

annihilation mobile

Crisis Entertainment has a small team with 8 members. The members are,

  1. Sian (Founder and CEO)
  2. Siam (Co-Founder and CTO)
  3. Dip (Chief PR Officer)
  4. Avi (DevOps Engineer)
  5. Nafis (Backend Engineer)
  6. Fahim (Community Manager)
  7. Ratul (Art Director)
  8. Ruhan (3D Artist)

Gameplay Experience

annihilation mobile

The gameplay experience is not good at all, but it’s quite enough. I can’t complain about anything because it’s a beta release. They have only one game mode called “ARCADE” like PUBG “Team Deathmatch”. On “ARCADE” the teams’ names are Blue Team and Red Team.

Minimum Mobile Requirement



OS: 8 Or Above

Lite Version


OS: 7



OS: 10

I tried Annihilation Mobile on a 3 GB RAM mobile and I feel legs. So, it needs to improve, although I can tell you the real result after I play the stable version.

annihilation mobile

Which Game Engine is used to make Annihilation Mobile?

Annihilation Mobile is developed using Unity. That’s means to develop Annihilation, developers are using C# programming language.

Unity is a powerful game engine. Games like Free Fire, Call of Duty: Mobile, and many more are developed using Unity. Many popular PC games also developers using Unity.


Annihilation contains eight different characters in the game. You can choose one of them. However, the main character is Salman Shah.

I think I don’t need to say anything about Salman Shah. Who doesn’t know about Salman Shah?

How to download Annihilation Mobile?

You can download Annihilation Mobile from Google Play Store. The pre-beta version is available at this moment.

Play Store Link

annihilation mobile

In the future, it will be also available on App Store. You can also download the game from their website. 

Last Words

Download Annihilation Mobile now and play this awesome game. I hope in the future we will be able to play it properly. The gameplay experience will be awesome. Don’t say any negative words on social media and play store review section.

Support Crisis Entertainment, support Annihilation Mobile.

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