Visual Studio Code “Error while fetching extensions. XHR failed – V”

If you have this problem in VS Code, I can tell you how to solve that. It’s very simple to solve just follow me.

1. Open Extensions Website

Go to this website. And search for your extension. You will find all VS Code extensions there.

website img

2. Find You Extension

After finding your desired extension go to the extension page. Like I’m going to install the Python Extension.

python extension page

Copy the Installation command.

3. Open VS Code

After copying the installation command open VS Code.

4. Install the Extension

After opening VS Code press ctrl + p and paste the command, then press enter.

python extension

Your installation should start. If it isn’t then press the install button and it will install in a few seconds.

How to fix this without installing the extensions from the website?

Try to reinstall the VS Code or maybe in the next VS Code update it’s going to fix.

So this is the whole process. I hope you like this process and if it’s true then let me know in the comment section.

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