Top 5 Programming Languages in Bangladesh 2022

There are a lot of programming languages out there. In the different countries the requirement also different. Like in Bangladesh the requirements are also different but there isn’t any recourse for us to know which languages are great in Bangladesh.

So today I will give you the information that which languages are greatest one in Bangladesh market.

1. Javascript:

JavaScript is a well-known programming language on the internet. It’s also known as the HTML programming language, and it’s commonly used on the internet. JavaScript is an easy-to-learn programming language. In fact, it is less complicated than the majority of programming languages. Since HTML and CSS are the foundations of a beautiful website, web developers should learn this programming language as well.

In Bangladesh, JavaScript is a much popular language in the market and in all other places. If you visit bdjobs website you will find a lot of Jobs as a JavaScript developer. By learning JavaScript you will maybe be a MERN stack developer and it will help you to improve your carrier.

JavaScript has a huge community to help you. You can develop games, websites, mobile apps, web servers, and many more things with JavaScript.

2. PHP:

Many people say that PHP is old enough at this time. But that’s properly wrong, it’s a very popular language at this time of the market. PHP is a general-purpose scripting language geared towards web development.

Like if you want to develop a WordPress theme you have to know PHP must. You can develop the coolest website. It just depends on your imagination.

Many web developers will find it essential to learn PHP, as this language is used to build more than 80% of websites on the Internet, including those like Facebook and Yahoo. However, PHP is one of the popular programming languages in 2022.

In Bangladesh knowing PHP is essential as JavaScript. It’s the second most used programming language in Bangladesh.

3. C/C++:

In Bangladesh, a lot of young students are joining the tech world or the programming community. As their first language, they learn C or maybe C++. And many university students (maybe all) learn C/C++ for Competitive Programming and for DSA (Data Structure and Algorithm). At the intermediate level, all students must need to learn C. So, a lot of Bangladeshi students need to learn C/C++.

And this language is also very popular in the world. C++ is a programming language that extends the C programming language. It’s a programming language that combines features from both low-level and high-level languages. The bulk of CAD applications uses C++ interfaces. Since mechanical engineering is more closely related to robotics and automation, mechanical engineers can use a programming language like C++. And C is latterly the mother of all programming languages.

And the most important thing is you can develop awesome games using C++. Games like Fortnite and Pubg were developed using C++.

So if you want to know about programming deeply you must need to learn C/C++ and it does matter where are you from.

4. Java or Kotlin:

Many people want to develop an Android app. And for that, you need to learn Java or Kotlin. The same case also happened in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s Android app industry is not good at all. But it’s growing up with its full capability. A lot of people learning Android App Development and I said that AAP!

You can also do a lot of things with Java-like Minecraft is developed using Java and Java is also used for website server-side work.

I forget to say another thing there are some good apps developed by a Bangladeshi developer. You can watch this video to find out which app they are.

5. Python:

Python lover may say that, why Python is in number 5? But my friend this is not a list worldwide, it’s for Bangladesh. In Bangladesh Python isn’t used widely. It’s just growing and maybe after some year, it will increase its popularity. But it’s not mean that it’s not good language. A lot of people are using this language now a day.

Like you can make websites using Python with help of Django and Flask. You can use it for AI and ML. And there are also a lot of things out there for Python developers. And if you are new in the Programming world it’s great to choose Python as your first programming language because it’s easy to learn and powerful.

There are also a lot of cool programming languages like C#, Swift, Ruby, R, SQL, Go, and many more. If you are learning any other language and it’s not on the list, that’s not mean that you have to stop learning this language. All languages are powerful. But this is a top 5 list so I talk about those 5 languages that I like most.

If you are learning any other language inform me by commenting down below.

How to learn Programming?

You can learn Programming through Paid or Free courses. There are a lot of websites and YouTube channels from where you can learn Programming freely. Like if you want a website there are a lot of websites out there, like,,, and many more. Just explore the web and find out which one is better for you. Best of luck!

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