How to Test Typing Speed on Linux (Ubuntu)

In Linux, the power of the terminal is the main power. You can literally do anything on the terminal. But what about the typing speed test? Can I do that on the terminal?

The answer is, Yes you can. It’s really easy to do that and, honestly, there is a lot of ways to do that. But, today I will show you how to do that using Python. Specifically, using a Python package.

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The name of the Python package is wpm. Maybe the short form on Word Per Minute but I’m not sure about that.

Install Python3 on Linux

To use the package you need Python on your Linux machine. And in Linux, Python came pre-installed. By any chance, if you don’t have Python just use this command, sudo apt install python3and Python3 will install on your Linux.


Install Pip3

After that, we will install the wpm package using pip3. If you don’t have pip3 then use this command, sudo apt install python3-pip to install pip3.


Install WPM

After installing pip3, we are all ready to install the wpm package. Now just copy and paste this command, sudo pip3 install wpm. And wpm will install on your Linux. One important thing is, you may have to put your system password on the terminal. The terminal may ask you for your system password.


After installing wpm just type wpm on the terminal and press enter.


So, this is the whole process. I hope you like that and if you have any questions you can ask me in the comment section, I will try my best to reply to you.

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