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Main Types of Cyber Attacks

There are a lot of types of Cyberattacks out there. But, I have to mention the main types. So, I’m going to write about 5 types of Cyberattacks.

This article may be much short to read. But, in the future, I will write about all types of Cyberattacks, that I know actually. And I will also describe the types properly. This article will be for all types of people.


Malware is malicious software that, by downloading suspicious files, allows the criminal or hacker to have unauthorized access to third-party data.


This is the type of digital crime in which the hacker hijacks the victim’s data and, from then on, charges a fee for retrieving the information.

It’s like that, now a day bad people don’t kidnap your child or family member, they kidnap your data!


Phishing is an attempt to obtain data, such as passwords and credit card numbers, from fraudulent emails that imitate trusted sources.

Let me give you another example. Imagine, someone sends you a link by email or by any messaging service. She or he told you something that you like. So, you click on the link and saw that the Facebook page appears on your screen. It’s asking your password to identify you. You give that and after trying to sign in, the login page appears again.

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Now, you may be hacked. It’s not mean that you have to ignore all links that redirect you to the login page. Just notice the domain address. Is it or something else like or or something else.

Social Engineering

In this method, the criminal deceives employees of a company to gain access to important data. It’s like brainwashing or hypnotism.

Distributed denial of service

DDoS attack aims to make a server, application, or infrastructure unavailable. It’s a very common form of attack on online services, such as e-commerce, news portal, blog, etc.


How to learn these Cyberattacks?

There is a lot of ways to learn this. From YouTube, from Google, or maybe from any paid course. But, Google is well enough to do that and learn anything. Just, do some research.

And the most important thing, don’t use your knowledge to do any bad thing, don’t turn into a bad person. You can make money by staying on the good side. Best of luck!

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