C++ Code to Wish Happy Birthday 

Wishing someone using C++ code will be a great thing to do. In the past, we already saw how to wish someone a happy birthday using Python and Java. We also applied different methods for Python and Java. 

But today we’ll see how to wish someone using C++ code. We’ll go on the regular way to do that. Although you can do that in a much harder way. But I think it will be great to be simple for this time. I’m making this code for beginners and that’s why it will be easy for everyone to understand the code. Let’s first write the code and after that, we’ll see how the code actually works. Let’s write the code now. 

Happy Birthday Wishing C++ Code 

Write the C++ code down below to wish someone for his or her happy birthday. 

#include <iostream>

#include <string.h>

using namespace std;

int main()


string fullName;

cout << "Enter your name: ";

getline(cin, fullName);

cout << "Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years. Happy birthday dear " + fullName + "!" << endl;

return 0;


So, we wrote the code. Now, let’s break down how it works. We’ll know the full code step by step. 

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C++ Wishing Code Explanation

  • Header Files: First we import the header file. To import any header file we have to use the #include keyword in C++ and after that, we have to mention which header file we want to import. In this code, we have imported two header files. One is “iostream.h” which will help to print out the string and the following header file is “string.h”, which will help to work with strings.
  • Standard Template: Next we’ll use the standard library by defining it. 
  • Main Function: After that, we will create the main function where all the other code will be stored. 
  • Creating Variable: Now to store the name of the birthday boy or girl name we have to create a string variable. On my code, I’m going to name it “fullName”. You can use whatever name you want. 
  • Taking Input: To take an input we’ll use the getline function. Before that, we’ll print out a string to tell the user that he or she has to enter his or her name. 
  • Birthday wish: After getting the name and storing it on the “fullName” variable, we’ll wish the person. To wish someone you can use any sentence or quotes you want. You can add the name anywhere in the string. 


Explanation of some keyword

We have been using some keywords to write this code. Now, we’ll learn about some of the keywords. I hope you already know about those keywords and what are they used for. Although I think if I still explain some of the keywords it will be helpful for some persons. 

  • Int: The “int” keyword is used to create a variable of integer type.
  • Cout: The “cout” keyword is used to print out some information. If you run and compile the program and if you want to show something on the console you can use this keyword. 
  • Cin: In C++ to take input from the user you can use the “cin” keyword. 
  • Endl: To create a new line we can use the “endl” keyword. There is another method to do the same thing and that is with ‘\n’ and this particular method is used by a lot of other programming languages. Although in C++ you can use the keyword ‘endl’ if you want and you can also use ‘\n’. 


So, that’s all for today. I didn’t write a very hard code to wish someone using C++. I just want to make this code very simple so any beginner C++ programmer can write this code and also understand this code. 

If you want you can use other complex methods to wish someone and I think if you’re a very good C++ programmer then you don’t need my help for it. I just wrote this code for the beginner programmers. Finally, I want to say that, code on your birthday also, don’t stop coding ever. 

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