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Ukraine need Cyber Army

Ukraine vs Russia is a hot subject at this moment. Russia has begun a large-scale military attack on Ukraine. So, it’s much more difficult for Ukraine to war against Russia.

So, Ukraine needs to do something much better in the Cyberworld. Because of the war between Ukraine and Russia, Ukraine must have to do something on the Cyber side.

So, the government of Ukraine has been asking for volunteers from the country’s hacker underground to help defend critical infrastructure and conduct a Cyber spying mission against Russia.


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Ukraine said that they already received hundreds of applicants and was going to begin betting to ensure that none of them were Russian agents.

So, Ukraine now making a Cyber army inside their country. And, Russian hackers are well known. They have good power over the Cyber army. So, Ukraine has to make a powerful army to do something and gain access to Russia’s Cyberworld.

In a Cyberattack (in 2015) in Ukraine by Russian hackers success to destroy Ukraine’s electricity. 225,000 Ukrainians lost electricity.


Ukraine vs Russia

Present Situation of Ukraine

The present situation of Ukraine is much worse. If I say you about the latest news, I have to say that the Turkish foreign minister has said Turkey cannot stop Russian warships accessing the Black Sea via its straits, as Ukraine has requested, due to a clause in an international pact.

So, what do you think about Ukraine’s Cyber army? Let us know that on the comment section. If you have any other question about this news then you can say it. We will try to answer your question.

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