How to Install VLC on Linux 2023

VLC is the best video player at this time. If you ask anyone that, what’s the best video player? Then without any doubt, he or she will say that VLC is the best one.

VLC is a powerful and famous video player in the world right now. Usually many Linux distro comes with VLC pre-installed. Suppose your system doesn’t have VLC pre-installed, then you can follow my steps.

Install VLC on Linux

Just follow those steps and VLC will be installed on your Linux system.

1. Open Terminal

First, you need to open your terminal. You can open it manually or you can use ctrl + alt + t this keyboard shortcut to open the terminal.

2. Update & Upgrade the System

Before installing VLC we need to update and upgrade our Linux system. It’s not required but it’s good practice and sometimes it solves many errors or problems.

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To update and upgrade your Linux system just use this command: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y and your Linux system will be updated and upgraded.

3. Install VLC

Now just use this command: sudo apt install vlc and VLC will be all yours.

After installing VLC if you face any problems just try to update and upgrade your system and reboot the system one time. After that, I hope all the problems will be gone.



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