Top 3 Python Libraries for Computer Network 2023

Python libraries are awesome. There’re thousands of Python libraries out there. But we’re at the beginning of 2023 and the importance of computer networks is increasing rapidly. So, if you want to know which Python libraries are the best for computer networks then you’re in the right place. Today we’re gonna discuss it.

Top Python Libraries for Computer Network

1. ZeroMQ


If you need a high-performance asynchronous messaging library then ZeroMQ is for you. The library provides a message queue or MQ for all processes communicating. It’s a lightweight and fast messaging implementation.

This library can be used in many programming languages like C, C++, C#, Java, Ruby, Dart, Go, JavaScript, and also in Python. In Python, the library is called Pyzmq.

How to install Pyzmq

Installing Pyzmq is easy. You can install it on your system using pip. Just use one of these commands and you’ll be good to go.

pip install pyzmq


pip3 install pyzmq

What to do if this download method doesn’t work

Sometimes pip install pyzmq It doesn’t work. It should work if you’re using the updated version of pip. But suppose it doesn’t work for some reason then you can force pyzmq to compile. The command will be like this.

pip install --no-binary=:all: pyzmq

When compiling pyzmq, it’s recommended that zeromq be installed separately using apt, yum, or anything else. Specially it’s needed when you install pyzmq using the pip on a Linux system. To install zeromq on Linux you can use the command given below.

  • For Debian Based Linux 

sudo apt install libzmq3-dev

  • For RHEL Based Linux

sudo yum install libzmq3-devel

Installing pyzmq old version

If you need an old version of pyzmq you can also do this. pyzmq 16 drops support Python 2.6 and 3.2. If you need to use one of those Python versions, you can pin your pyzmq version before 16:

pip install 'pyzmq<16'

For libzmq 2.0.x, use ‘pyzmq<2.1’.

Pyzmq Important Links

Official Website:




2. Requests


If you want to send an HTTP request using Python then this library is for you. You can send HTTP requests easily using Requests. It’s easy, lightweight, simple, and powerful. Requests are one of the most famous Python libraries at this time.

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How to Install Requests

Like any other libraries, you can also install the Requests library on your system using pip.

pip install requests


pip3 install requests

Simple Example of Requests Library

I’m going to give an API request and I will receive the return data. It will be a GET request. So the code will be like this:

import requests

ayon = requests.get('')

And the result will be this:

    "error": false,
    "category": "Programming",
    "type": "twopart",
    "setup": "What is the best prefix for global variables?",
    "delivery": "//",
    "flags": {
        "nsfw": false,
        "religious": false,
        "political": false,
        "racist": false,
        "sexist": false,
        "explicit": false
    "id": 32,
    "safe": true,
    "lang": "en"

It’s an API request so the data will be different every time. In your case, the result may not be the same as mine.

Requests Important Links

Official Website:



3. Sockets


If you want to make sure that the server and client communicate with each other quickly then this library is for you because the Sockets library defines how the server and machine or client communicate at the hardware level.

The sockets provide access to the BSD socket interface. In one word, Sockets will make sure that two nodes can communicate with each other efficiently.

How to Install Sockets

The installation process will be the same as the others. Just use the pip command to install the sockets library.

pip install sockets


pip3 install sockets

Sockets Important Links



So those are the top three best Python libraries for “Computer Networks”. If you’re interested in the field of “Computer Networks” and you know Python then you can check out these libraries. I hope those will be helpful for you.

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