Facebook has a TikTok now

Facebook starts its journey on TikTok. At this moment Facebook has 22.3K followers on TikTok.

The @facebook account on TikTok is verified. There are zero posts on the account. Their bio simply reads, “We believe people can do more together, than alone,” accompanied by a link to the Facebook app on the Google Play store.


Many people are saying that, why isn’t the account named for Facebook’s parent company, Meta? We got no answer from Meta in this case.

Another mystery is what kind of content will be posted on this account. Since there are no posts yet, it’s hard to tell. Twitter, which also has a TikTok account, often posts screenshots of tweets, amongst moving backgrounds and occasionally with voices and people superimposed.

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TikTok is indeed becoming much more famous now. Like Bangladeshi Youtuber and researcher and BUET Professor Md. Enayet Chowdhury also creates an account on TikTok. He is saying that he is trying to make TikTok a better place for everyone.



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