Google Suspends Advertising in Russia

Google suspends advertising in Russia because they are advertising false information against Ukraine.

Google said on Thursday night that it had suspended all advertising in Russia after the country’s internet regulator demanded that the company stop showing what it considered ads displaying false information about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Google said it took the rare step of pausing its advertising business in the country, including search, YouTube, and display marketing. The move came a few days after the company suspended advertising of content produced by Russian state media. Google said it had already blocked ads related to the conflict because it did not want people to take advantage of the crisis for financial gain.

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It’s really a very good step for Google. Google is also monitoring the war in Ukraine. In Ukraine, Google has a lot of employees. And they really care about their employees. Google is trying to make sure that its employees are safe.

The Russian demands to Google are the latest example of how the internet platforms of the world’s largest technology companies are becoming battlegrounds for how information is shared during the conflict.

At the request of the Ukrainian government, Google said it would also restrict access to RT and other Russian YouTube channels in Ukraine.

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