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How to enable advanced toolbars options in Adobe Illustrator

For a beginner Adobe Illustrator user, it’s hard to know how to enable the advanced toolbars option in Adobe Illustrator. In the beginning, the basic toolbar option is enabled by default. But you need the advanced toolbar option, right? So, how to do that?

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Let me show you, how you can enable the advanced toolbar option in Adobe Illustrator.

adobe illustrator

  1. Open Adobe Illustrator

First, you must have to open it.

  1. Go Window

From the top menu, go to the Window option.

  1. Toolbars Option

After clicking on the Window option, you will get a lot of new options. From that go to the toolbars option.

  1. Advance Toolbars Option

On the toolbars option, you will find two more options. One will be Basic and then the other will be advanced. Basically, in your case, the basic option will be checked. So, all you have to do is, click on the advance option and it will be checked.

After that, the advance toolbars option will be enabled and you’re now good to go.

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