How to split up a string in JavaScript using the split function

Sometimes in JavaScript, you might have a sentence with different words in it and you need to find out a way to split this sentence up into individual words.

The Method of Split Function.

There is a method on the string prototype called split and we can use this method to split up a string easily. First, create a const variable which going to contain the sentence as a string.

const sentence = "my name is ayon";

After that, we will create another const variable which going to contain a list of individual words. To do that we’re going to use the split function.

const sentence = "my name is ayon";
const words = sentence.split(" ");


So, the split function going to take the sentence and separate it out into different tokens based on what you pass the split argument. So, I’m going to put space because I want to split all the spaces. And now if I were to go ahead and console log this, notice that we get back an array that has a bunch of different words in it.

split function

Now we can do what we want to do with this array. So, this is the split function in JavaScript.

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