Different Dock on Every Workspace in Ubuntu

If you’re a multitasking user then you may use a different workspace. If you’re using Ubuntu, you’ll see that the dock shows every opened window from every workspace.

Suppose you have an open window of chrome on the first workspace, but the second workspace dock will also show the window. It’s annoying and confusing. So, how you can change it? It’s really easy to change the dock setting. Just follow my steps and you’ll find your answer.

Configure the Ubuntu dock to show windows only from the current workspace

1. Open the terminal

We will do that using a single command and you need to open your terminal. You can open it in a regular way or you can use the ctrl + alt + b shortcut to open the terminal.

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2. Change the dock setting

To change the dock setting just use the following command and the setting will change.

gsettings set isolate-workspaces true

You don’t need to run the command with sudo access. It’s very easy to do, isn’t it?

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