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What is Ghost Commerce

Ghost commerce is a trending name right now. But many of us don’t even know what it is actually and that’s why today I’m writing about ghost commerce.

So, the first and main question is that what is ghost commerce? Ghost commerce is just a process to market products and some kind of services using the internet without taking any kind of ownership.

But, it’s just only the definition. Maybe you’re still confused about it and you still have a question in your mind that, what it is actually. Okay just wait sometimes, we will break through it.

What is Ghost Commerce?

I already told you the definition. But, in explanation, I will say that it’s like a mixer of affiliate marketing, content marketing, and internet marketing. I mean everything is on it, and it’s like all things are rolled into one. Let me clarify again.

Ghost commerce is all about building a digital brand about a specific topic or service and you monetize it in high-leverage ways that the brand doesn’t need to have any product or services on its own. Yes, it kind of looks like affiliate marketing. But, it’s not. I will tell you why it’s not.

Affiliate Marketing Vs. Ghost Commerce

ghost commerce

In affiliate marketing, there is one way to earn money or to do sometimes. In affiliate marketing, you just create a link, and if anyone clicks on that link and purchases something you’ll get a commission. But, in ghost commerce, there are multiple ways to sell or promote something. Ghost commerce doesn’t involve you creating a product or service.

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In one word in affiliate marketing, you got one road to make money and in ghost commerce, you got multiple ways to make money.

10 Benefits of Ghost Commerce

  1. No product creation
  2. Freedom of time
  3. Uncapped income
  4. Aligned with your own passion
  5. Mental freedom
  6. No selling on the call
  7. It’s like part-time
  8. Earn from anywhere
  9. Be your own boss
  10. Skills to pass on to our kids

Things look like ghost commerce but it’s not

  • Drop shipping
  • MLM
  • Affiliate Marketing

If you’re thinking that ghost commerce is like drop shipping and it’s another form of drop shipping or if you are thinking that it is MLM or if you’re thinking that it’s just affiliate marketing then you’re wrong. Ghost commerce is not about drop shipping, MLM, or affiliate marketing.


There is not much knowledge about ghost commerce. I tried to gather some much more information about this topic, but I failed. Now, I still want to say something.

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Ghost commerce is like a side hustle. And one more piece of information I got about ghost commerce is that it’s a pyramid scam. So, don’t do or enter this field without proper knowledge. Many people or a lot of people are saying that you can earn money using ghost commerce easily. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money. But making money isn’t that much easy at all.

So, don’t think like that, if you’re going to do ghost commerce and if you start doing that, you’ll be rich within a couple of months. In the end, I want to say that, yes you can do ghost commerce if you want, maybe in the future it will turn into a real thing to do. But, at this moment there is not that much information about it. Even I tried to find out about it in ChatGPT and ChatGPT also failed to give me answer about this topic.

So, this is all about ghost commerce. If you have any questions about this article you can tell me that on the comment section.

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