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Most used app in Bangladesh

There are a lot of apps today. Every day every time people use apps to make their life easy. In Bangladesh, there are no differences in this case.

But which app is the most famous app in Bangladesh? What is the most used app in Bangladesh? Today, I’m going to tell you that. So, let me tell you the answer. The most used app in Bangladesh is WhatsApp.

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I think you didn’t expect this answer. I mean I didn’t expect this answer. I hope it will be YouTube or Facebook or any other app. But it’s WhatsApp. How is that possible? Although the answer is WhatsApp and that’s true.

Most Used App in Bangladesh

  • WhatsApp

Top 5 Most Used Apps in Bangladesh

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Lite
  • CapCut – Video Editing
  • Messenger
  • Ridmik Keyboard

How did we decide to give WhatsApp the #1 rank?

Actually, WhatsApp has the #1 rank in Google Play Store in Bangladesh. Even in the similarweb ranking, WhatsApp is in rank 1.


We also know that a lot of people in Bangladesh use WhatsApp. Yes, at first I was shocked by seeing the result. But, maybe it’s normal. Perhaps WhatsApp deserves the place. Someday in the future, the rank can be changed. But, at this moment WhatsApp is the most used app in Bangladesh.

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