How to make xfce more touch-friendly?

There are a lot of ways to make xfce more touch-friendly. In this article, we’re going to talk about that. I’m going to tell you every method that I know.

Make xfce better for touchscreen

1. Increase icon and font size

You can increase the icon and font size to make your xfce more touch-friendly. But how to do that? Let me tell you that. Go to “Settings Manager” -> “Appearance” -> “Fonts” and “Icons” tabs, and increase the size to make them easier to touch.

2. Enable touchpad gestures

Enabling this setting may be helpful to make the xfce touch-friendly. Go to “Settings Manager” -> “Mouse and Touchpad” -> “Touchpad” tab, and enable touchpad gestures such as two-finger scrolling and pinch-to-zoom.

3. Enable touchscreen gestures

Install the “xfce4-gesture” package and configure gestures in “Settings Manager” -> “Gestures” -> “Application Shortcuts” tab. It will make your touch screen more touch-friendly.

4. Use a virtual keyboard

If you want to use a touchable screen you must need a virtual keyboard. Without that, you can’t even type anything.

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So, install the “onboard” or “Florence” virtual keyboard and configure it to automatically appear when tapping on a text field.

5. Customizing panels and menus

Make panel and menu items bigger. Because it will be helpful for your touch screen or xfce and it will be helpful to click on the menu and panel.

You can do that easily by right-clicking on them and selecting “Panel Preferences” or “Menu Properties” -> “Appearance” tab.

6. Install touch-friendly applications

For a more touch-friendly experience, you can use touch-friendly applications. You can use Chrome or Firefox with touch extensions. Use those applications with full-screen mode and the reason for this is to avoid tiny buttons and menus.



One other way to make your system touch-friendly is by changing the desktop environment. You can use GNOME as your desktop environment and the reason for this is because GNOME has a very rich touch-friendly experience.

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