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How to Hack NASA Using HTML

Hack NASA using HTML!!! It’s too scary, isn’t it? Hacking an awesome company with only HTML.

It is really cool. But, the main question is how to do that? It’s really a very big question for all of us. That for we search it on Google and now it’s trending. It’s trending from when Google was invented (Just joking, but it’s maybe true! Lol!).

So, today I’m going to show you how you can hack NASA using HTML or using Hypertext Markup Language.

Step 1

Go to Google and search for NASA’s official website.


So, we found it. Now, we are going to hack it!


Step 2


Go to the website. The domain address of the website is After that drink a glass of water, because it’s good for your health and wear a hacker mask. Because without a hacker mask, you can’t be a hacker!

Step 3

Now click on the right mouse button and go to Inspect (Click on it).


Expand the head tag. If you don’t know what is a head tag, then go and learn HTML. Then search for the title tag and click on the “NASA” text.


Then write whatever you want. Like I’m going to write “You are hacked NASA” and then press enter. And boom!!! NASA is hacked now.


Look at the title of the website! Isn’t it cool? You succeed at last!

If you are angry now, then it’s not my problem bro, it’s totally yours.

I think if you know HTML (even if you know the basics of HTML), you now know what I did. You can literally change everything (The front-end and you need HTML and CSS) and you can be a hacker by doing this (A HTML hacker actually).

I can show you more tricks like this, but it’s not going to work for you. So, bro, the sad news is you can’t hack NASA using HTML. HTML isn’t even a programming language.

I wrote the article because the title is trending on Google. Maybe it’s going to help to make some money.

Overall, the truth is, you can’t hack NASA like this (And you can’t hack a website without the owner’s permission. If you did that you will be a criminal). Just learn the real hacking. Yes, it’s hard to learn but you can learn hacking if you try your best. Because you are human, not a cow.

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Learn and protect your country, be a good hacker (White Hat Hacker). And if you are from Bangladesh, তাহলে এইসব আজাইরা কাজ না করে ভাল কিছু শিখুন কাজে লাগবে (A secret message for Bengali peoples, you can translate it on Google).

So, at the last, I want to say that, it’s just only a joke. Don’t take it seriously and don’t use any bad words in the comment section. If you want to learn the real cyber security then stay tuned with me, I will try to share how much I know.

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