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How to Jam any WiFi Network

It’s really easy to jam any WiFi network. You just need a Linux machine. We will be going to do that using aircrack-ng or aircrack-ng deauthentication attack. So, let’s get started on our awesome journey!

Jam WiFi Network

1. Open Terminal

First, open your terminal. Use ctrl + alt + t to open your terminal. It’s a shortcut to open a terminal on Linux.

2. Update & Upgrade

Update and upgrade your system to bypass any kind of error. Use sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade this command to update and upgrade your Linux system.


3. Install aircrack-ng

In any hacking Linux distros, aircrack-ng comes pre-installed. But, if you don’t have aircrack-ng on your system then use sudo apt install aircrack-ng this command to install aircrack-ng.


4. Enable monitor mode

If you want to jam any network you must have to enable monitor mode. But first, you have to see what is the name of your wireless network interface.

To see that you just have to use ifconfig this command.


In my case, my wireless network interface name is wlp58s0. After knowing the interface name, now you need to enable the monitor mode.

To enable monitor mode use sudo airmon-ng start [interface name] this command. In my case, the command will be sudo airmon-ng start wlp58s0.


5. Find WiFi

After enabling monitor mode, now you have to find your target. To do that use sudo airodump-ng [wireless interface name] this command.


In my case, the command is sudo airodump-ng wlp58s0mon. It will show you all wifi networks in your area. You just have to find yours [the target actually].


In my case my WiFi name is Ayon and the BSSID is 58:D9:D5:27:92:D1 and the channel (CH) is 6. It may different in your case but you have to note these two pieces of information.

6. Airodump-ng on the target

Now, we are going to monitor our target. To do that we are going to use the airodump-ng command. Just type or use sudo airodump-ng --bssid [your target bssid] -c [your target channel] [your wireless interface name] this command to monitor your target.


In my case, the command is, sudo airodump-ng --bssid 58:D9:D5:27:92:D1 -c 6 wlp58s0mon, because my –bssid is 58:D9:D5:27:92:D1 and my channel is 6 and my wireless interface name is wlp58s0mon [after enabling the monitor mode].


You can see that two devices were connected with the WiFi.

7. Jam the target

Now we are in the final round. Open another terminal and use sudo aireplay-ng -0 0 -a [target bssid] [wireless interface name] this command. Your job is done, the authentication attack will begin after you press enter. Now the WiFi will be jammed and it’s going to jam for as long as you don’t stop the process. If you want to stop to process simply press ctrl + c and the jamming process will be stopped.


And, the 6th number method or process is optional.

How to stop monitor mode?

After your work, you have to stop the monitor mode. Otherwise, the wifi is not going to work if you have only one wifi adapter or if you don’t have an ethernet connection.

So, use sudo airmon-ng stop [wireless interface name] this command and stop the monitor mode.


So, this is the whole process. You can see that it’s so easy to jam any WiFi. After using this attack no one can connect with the attacked WiFi.

What is a deauthentication attack?

A Wi-Fi deauthentication attack is a type of denial-of-service attack that targets communication between a user and a Wi-Fi wireless access point.

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I will explain it later on in another article. But, the main theme is that now you know how to do that. But, don’t use it to harm anyone. Because, if you do that, that’s mean you are a criminal. So, stay away from bad works, just learn this for educational purposes.

If you have any questions or if you are facing any problem then you can say that in the comment section. I will try to answer your question.

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