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Best 10 Minute School Courses 2023

Who doesn’t know about 10 Minute School? They are the largest online education platform in Bangladesh. They teach free through their YouTube channels, Facebook pages, and Facebook groups. I mean, they are the best online platform in Bangladesh.

10 Minute School is also known for its paid courses. They also have a lot of paid courses. Like Language Learning Courses, Skills & IT Courses, Freelancing Courses, Design & Creative Courses, and many more. Today I’m going to tell you which courses are the best courses they offer. Although all courses are excellent, it depends on anyone’s requirements. However, I tried to make a list for you.

10 Minute School Best Courses

  1. Ghore Boshe Spoken English
  2. Learn Quran Online in 24 hours
  3. Ghore Boshe Freelancing
  4. Facebook Marketing
  5. IELTS Course by Munzereen Shahid
  6. English Grammar Crash Course
  7. Communication Masterclass by Tahsan Khan

1. Ghore Boshe Spoken English

One piece of information is enough to explain this course. The instructor of this course is Munzereen Shahid. She is one of the most famous teachers in Bangladesh.

Thousands of students learn to speak in English with her help. In this course, you will get 70 videos, 70 notes, 9 quizzes, and 570 flash cards. It will take 20 hours to complete this course, and you must pay 950 tk to buy it.

2. Learn Quran Online in 24 hours

Ramadan is coming. So this course may be helpful for you. The instructor of this course is Maulana Shek Mohammad Jamal Uddin. It will take only 24 hours to complete this course. There are 36 videos, eight quizzes, ten exercises, and 28 notes. The price of this course is only 950 tk.

3. Ghore Boshe Freelancing 

In this present youth, all of them want to be a freelancer. But to be a freelancer, you have to be an expert in a skill, and you also need to follow the proper guideline.

And to guide you in the right way, 10 Minute School made a course called “Ghore Boshe Freelancing.” In this course, the instructor will be Joyeta Banerjee. She is a top-rated freelancer at Upwork, and she is also the CEO of TalkStory.

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More than 32 thousand people have already bought this course. You will get 71 videos in this course, which will take 14 hours to complete. The price of this course is 950 tk.

4. Facebook Marketing

Before saying anything else, I want to introduce you to the instructors of this course. The instructor of this course is Ayman Sadiq and Sadman Sadik. Who doesn’t know about these two beautiful people? If they guide you in something, then without any doubt, you’ll be in the best guideline ever.

If you don’t know who they are, then let me tell you that. Ayman Sadiq is the founder and CEO of 10 Minute School. Sadman Sadik is his brother and education content creator. They both are authors also.

In this course, you’ll get 36 videos, 36 notes, seven sets of quizzes, and much more. It will take 25 hours to finish the course, and the price of this course is 1,250 tk.

5. IELTS Course by Munzereen Shahid

Another Munzereen Shahid course. She has a collection of the most sold courses in 10 Minute School, even in Bangladesh.

If you want to prepare for IELTS, this course is for you. To prove to you that this course is one of the best IELTS courses, I need to give you some information. The IELTS score of Munzereen Shahid is 8.5.

There’re 51 videos and 15 mock tests in this course. The mock test makes this course a premium course. To finish this course, you have to spend 50 hours, and the price of this course is 2,500 tk.

6. English Grammar Crash Course

English Grammar is not about remembering all the rules. It’s about implementation, and this course will teach you that.

A famous teacher instructs this course. He is Sakib Bin Rashid, one of the renowned teachers in Bangladesh. It can’t happen that you saw his videos and don’t like them. You’ll fall in love with English if you see his videos.

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There are 100 videos, quizzes, and notes in this course. In 25 hours, you’ll be an English grammar expert. To do this course, you have to pay only 950 tk.

7. Communication Masterclass by Tahsan Khan

Communication is a big part of our life. We need excellent communication skills at every step of our life. If you think that, how communication can be a skill? Yes, it can be a skill; believe me, it’s the most important one.

You need this skill in the first step of everything. A lot of time, people get stuck on this step before doing something extraordinary. So I will highly recommend everyone to complete this course. The instructor of this course is Tahsan Khan. Famous singer, musician, actor, and teacher. I don’t need to introduce him. I mean, who doesn’t know him in Bangladesh?

This course has 28 videos, nine quizzes, 30 notes, and more. The price of this course is also reasonable, only 950 tk.

So, those are the top 7 courses from 10 Minute School. Those are not only the best courses. 10 Minute School also offers a lot of great courses. But those 7 are my favorite; I think everyone needs to complete these courses.

If you want to know more about their courses, visit, and you’ll learn everything yourself.  They offer excellent courses like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, SEO Courses for Beginners, Freelancing with Data Entry, Graphic Designing with Photoshop, Video Making, Video Editing with Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Spoken English for Kids, Negotiation Skills, Leadership Excellence and much more.

Those are all paid courses; if you’re looking for something free, they also have some free courses.

10 Minute School Free Courses

  • Academic English Grammar
  • Presentation & Public Speaking
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • CV Writing & Interview
  • Email Writing
  • Corporate Etiquette
  • Communication Secrets
  • Start Your Own Business

To enroll in the free courses, visit and you’ll find all the courses, including the free courses.

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