How to install Bangla font in Linux


If you’re a Linux user and you’re a Bengali then you may face this problem. You just install Linux in your system. But wait, the Bangla font is not working because there is no Bangla font in your Linux system. So, how to solve that?

Many people will show you many methods to solve this problem. Most of them are not going to work. But solving this problem is so much easy that you can do this only using a single line of command. We just don’t know about that. Let me tell you that.

Install Bangla font on Linux

To install the Bangla font in your Linux system, use this command:

sudo apt install fonts-beng

Just use this command to install the Bangla font in your Linux system. It’s easy to do, right?

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One more thing, if the Bangla font still missing or not working on your system after using this command then all you have to do is just reboot your system and after that, it should work. If still not, you can say it in the comment section.

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