Bangla YouTube channels to learn Programming

There are a lot of awesome YouTube channels to learn Programming. But, which ones are the best for us, I mean for Bengali people? Which ones are the best Bangla YouTube channels to learn Programming?

Today we are going to talk about that. We are going to find out the best YouTube channels in Bangladesh to learn Programming.

1. Anisul Islam

anisul islam


With a 330K family, Anisul Islam is one of the most popular programming tutorial channels in Bangladesh. Everyone will suggest you watch his videos.

There are a lot of videos about a lot of programming languages. But, I think he needs to upload the tutorial newly. All of his videos are a little bit old. However, all of his videos are knowledgeable and awesome.

2. Jhankar Mahbub

jhankar mahbub

With a 423K family, Jhankar Mahbub is also one of the most favorite people in the Programming world. He is a teacher, writer, YouTuber, motivator, and many more.

He makes his video in a fun way. And mostly he uploads Python videos. They also have an app called “Programming Hero”. You can also use this app to learn Programming.

3. Zulkarnine Mahmud

Zulkarnine Mahmud

All Bangladeshi programmers know about him. He is a lovely person. I just loved his word and videos and literally everything.

He won’t have a lot of tutorials but I highly recommend you to visit his YouTube channel. And I have to mention one thing, he is also a software engineer at Google.

4. Bangla Coding Tutor

Bangla Coding Tutor

I personally love his “C Programming Bangla Tutorial” playlist. But overall his videos are great and informative.

He has a family of 39.6K subscribers. He joined YouTube on Oct 14, 2017.

5. Tamim Shahriar

Tamim Shahriar


I think I don’t need to say who he is. Who doesn’t know this legend? His videos are great, but he is popular for his books. His books are the most famous programming-related books in Bangladesh. It’s my dream to meet with him for just one time.

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