How to Change the Jupyter Notebook Theme?

If you’re a jupyter notebook user then you must be peeved by the default theme. By default, you will get the light theme in jupyter notebook.

But many of us hate light themes. We’re programmers and we need the dark theme. I mean light attract bug and we hate bugs (Just a joke!). So, how to change the theme of jupyter notebook? It’s pretty easy to do. Just follow my steps.


How to change the jupyter notebook theme?

Step 1

First, you need to jupytertheme using pip. So open cmd or terminal and use this command.

pip install jupyterthemes


pip3 install jupyterthemes

Step 2

Now you just need to set the theme. To set the theme use this command

jt -t <theme-name> 

Just use this command and the theme will change immediately.

Step 3

To change the theme you also need to know the theme name. There is more than one theme on jupyterthemes.

  • monokai
  • onedork
  • grade3
  • solarizedl
  • solarizedd
  • chesterish
  • oceans16

You can choose any theme. Suppose I choose to use the “onedork” theme. So my command will be

jt -t onedork

Step 4

After changing the theme you don’t need to restart the jupyter server. Just refresh the page and you’ll get the change or chosen theme.

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So this is the whole process to change the jupyter theme. I hope you find your answer. Many of you may still have some questions. For them, I’m going to answer some questions.

What is Jupyter Notebook?

The jupyter notebook is a web-based interactive computing platform. It will allow you to edit and run notebook documents via a web browser. You can use it on your favorite browsers like in Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, or any other browser.

Which Programming Languages Support in Jupyter Notebook?

More than 40 programming languages support in jupyter notebook. Some of them are:

  • Python
  • Java
  • R
  • Scale
  • Julia
  • Schema
  • Matlab
  •  Processing

And many more.

Is Jupyter Notebook free to use?

Jupyter notebook is completely free to use and it will be free to use.

How to Install Jupyter Notebook?

To install jupyter notebook visit their official website and from there you can install jupyter notebook.

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