Green Goblin in Fortnite

Spider-Man’s presence in Fortnite has brought one of his biggest nemeses to the island, as the Green Goblin has made his debut in the game. The Fortnite Green Goblin skin was made available as part of the nightly item shop update. The skin comes bundled with the Pumpkin Bomb back bling, designed to look like the villain’s signature weapon.

The skin is joined in the item shop by multiple pieces of gear designed around the hoverboard horror, including the Pumpkin P’axe pickaxe, Goblin Glider glider, and a unique Arm the Pumpkin! emote. All of these items and the Green Goblin skin can be purchased in the Green Goblin bundle, which also includes the Attack Of The Goblin loading screen pictured above.

The Green Goblin marks the final skin to be officially released after a series of leaks emerged with the 19.10 update over a week ago. The other skins, Clint and Kate from Hawkeye and Arcane Vi from League of Legends, saw their own releases in the item shop on January 20 and 22 respectively.

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