Google Monitoring the War in Ukraine

Google recently said that they are trying to monitor the war in Ukraine to protect their employees. On 26th February they tweet that.

Google wrote on Twitter, “An important update in this thread:” and they share a tweet of Google Europe. Google Europe tweet regarding the news. They said that they are (Google) attempting to actively monitor the war in Ukraine and working around the clock, concentrating on the safety and security of our employees, users, and customers.

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At this moment, all Internation companies are trying to make sure that they are safe in Ukraine. Many of their employees are trying to leave Ukraine. It’s really a bad time is going over in Ukraine.

Ukraine vs Russia


At this moment this is the most sizzling news in the World. Russia is attempting to defeat Ukraine and Ukraine is trying to protect them.

Maybe the main problem was, Ukraine tried to join NATO. And that for Russia think that, if Ukraine joins NATO then it will be a thread for them or maybe it will be poor security for them.

Google in Ukraine

Google opened an office in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv. They opened it in February 2020. And the employee number is 1000+ in Ukraine (Google office). So, Google is trying hard to make sure that, their employees are safe and secure.

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