Top 10 Facebook groups for programmers in Bangladesh

Facebook is so much famous around the whole world. And one of the best parts of Facebook is that it has a service called Facebook Group. There’re a lot of groups out there on Facebook. Every group has a category like sports, memes, funny videos, science, news, game, and many more. Like any other group, there’s also a group called programming.

For a programmer, a Facebook group is a good place to learn something new and be a part of a community. There’re a lot of groups out there on Facebook. Today I’m going to tell you which groups are the best Facebook group in Bangladesh. That means if you’re from Bangladesh then this group will be too much helpful for you. So, don’t forget to join the Facebook group. 

List of groups

  • Programming Bangladesh
  • Programming Hero Community
  • Web Designer and Developer Group Bangladesh
  • CSE Students All University
  • Programming School
  • Dev Skill
  • BD Programmers
  • Android Developers of Bangladesh
  • Python User Group Bangladesh
  • Programming Problem in Bengali

Top 10 Facebook groups for programmers in Bangladesh

1. Programming Bangladesh


With 107.5k followers (at this moment when I’m writing this article) Programming Bangladesh is a massive and widespread Facebook group and programming community in Bangladesh.

You can follow this group to be a part of a great programming community. You can share your ideas in this group. Also, you can help others in this group and if you have any problem, you ask other members of this group to help you.

In this group, there’re a lot of great programmers and techies who can help you. The admin of this group is Tasnim Jarin Afra, Md Abdul Halim Rafi, Ehsanul Islam, Nafis Kazi, and Saad Bin Johir. There are also eight moderators in this group.

Visit Programming Bangladesh

2. Programming Hero Community

programmingProgramming Hero is well known for its great services. They have an app to learn to program and they also teach programming to throw their courses. For that, they are quite famous in Bangladesh, especially in the programming community.

For that, they also have a Facebook group called “Programming Hero Community”. Jhankar Mahbub is also one of the admins of this group. And I think I don’t need to tell you who is Jhankar Mahbub. If you’re in the world of programming and you’re from Bangladesh then you must hear about him.
They also have a YouTube channel called “Programming Hero”. With more than 290K subscribers the YouTube channel is also famous in the programming community of Bangladesh. If you want to do something great in the field of programming then you can join their paid course. The course on Programming Hero is really great. But you can join the Facebook group quickly without doing anything or without purchasing their system. So just join the group to get help from the other programmers and also help others if you can.

3. Web Designer and Developer Group Bangladesh


If you want to be a website developer then you can join this Facebook group. In the Facebook group, you will find a lot of expert website developers. They may help you in your journey.

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There are 194k members in the group at this moment. The group has 17 admins and moderators. So if you like website development or designing then you can join this group.

4. CSE Students All University


CSE means Computer Science and Engineering and if you want to be a successful programmer then you may think that studying in CSE will be the best choice for you. And that’s absolutely right. But remember one thing, it’s not like you can’t be a successful programmer without a CSE degree. It’s just a plus point but it’s not the main point. We’ll talk about it in another article.

So in this group, you’ll find a lot of CSE students, and for that, you need to join this group. They can help you in your journey to be a great programmer. If you have any programming-related problems then you can share them with this group. I hope there will be someone who can help you easily.

Visit CSE Students at All University

5. Programming School

programming school

Programming School (প্রোগ্রামিং স্কুল) is another facebook group for Bangladeshi programmers. You can ask your programming-related question in this group and someone will help you. It’s not a group with a huge number of users, although there are many expert programmers in this group. I’m saying this because one of the admins of this group is Tamis Shariar Subeen. And personally, I’m a big fan of his. He is just an incredible person. So I will say that you just need to join this group if you want to know something new in the world of programming.

Visit Programming School (প্রোগ্রামিং স্কুল

6. Dev Skill

dev skill

Dev Skill is another great group for Bangladeshi programmers. The full name of this group is Dev Skill – সফটওয়্যার ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং ট্রেনিং and it’s an active group. I think if you have any problem in the field of programming you’ll find the answer in this group.

There’re 57k members in this group at this moment. The CEO of Dev Skill is one of the admins of this group. So, yeah you can join this group if you want to.

Visit Dev Skill 

7. BD Programmers


“BD Programmers” is a group for those programmers who like to solve problems. If you are a person who likes to solve problems using the help of programming then this group is for you.

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With 30.9K programmers, it’s a very good community. This group was created 9 years ago and still now it’s an active group.

Visit BD Programmers

8. Android Developers of Bangladesh


If you want to be an android developer then you can join this group. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to learn Java, Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, or any other language. The main theme is that, if you want to be an android developer then this group is for you.

With more than 43k members, it’s a powerful community for the android developer in Bangladesh.

Visit Android Developers of Bangladesh

9. Python User Group Bangladesh


Python is the most famous language in the entire world. It’s also so much popular in Bangladesh. And like others, if you’re also a python lover or you want to be a python developer then this group is for you. In this group, you’ll find a great community of python programmers from Bangladesh.

So, if you’re from Bangladesh also and want to learn or want to help others in the python world then join this Facebook group. Yes, it’s not a very big community. But even though it’s great.

Visit Python User Group Bangladesh

10. Programming Problem in Bengali


Solving problems is a very big part of the programming world. So if you want to be a great programmer then you must need to learn to solve complex problems and for that this group is more than enough.

With more than 128k users, it’s one of the biggest programming communities in Bangladesh. The full name of this group is প্রোগ্রামিং প্রবলেম (Programming Problem in Bengali)” and it’s an awesome group. I highly recommend this Facebook group.

Visit প্রোগ্রামিং প্রবলেম (Programming Problem in Bengali)

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