Yeaminul Bhuiyan – A man from Brahmanbaria

I know Yeaminul Bhuiyan since 2014. In the beginning, our bonding wasn’t that much good. Although after a few years, it changed and we became good friends. Yes, at present it changes again. But, I want to introduce him to you. So, today we’re going to talk about Yeaminul Bhuiyan.

Who is Yeaminul Bhuiyan

Yeaminul Bhuiyan is a boy with a great heart. He’s the son of Mr. Monirul Bhuiyan and Ms. Shahinur begum.

He lives in Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria. If you don’t know about the place, we’ll talk about it later. He’s a person with a great heart. There was a time when we were together. We study together and we have a good reputation at school. When we were in school there were three of us together. It was me (Ashiqul Islam Ayon), Yeaminul Bhuiyan and Aynul Islam Raju. We were quite famous at school. 

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Let’s get back to Yeaminul Bhuiyan. He’s now 18 years old. He has a clean face with a good haircut. I don’t know how to describe his physical gesture. Although he’s a good-looking person. Many girls die for him.

yeaminul bhuiyan

Most Handsome Man in Ashuganj

There are many handsome men in Ashugang. Although I think Yeaminul Bhuiyan is the most good-looking person. He’s the most good-looking person from Ashuganj by my vote. However, I only know him from Ashuganj. So, if you think that you’re the most good-looking person from Ashuganj then you can contact me.

List of the most handsome men in Ashuganj

  • Yeaminul Bhuiyan
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  • Yeaminul Bhuiyan

Yeaminul Bhuiyan Educational Background

Currently, he’s at Ashuganj Sar Karkhana College. He’s an HSC 2023 examiner right now. The PSC point of Yeaminul Bhuiyan is 4.42, the JSC point is 3.29 and the SSC point is 3.89. He completed his PSC, JSC, and SSC from the Standard School of Total Education.

Yeaminul Bhuiyan Siblings

Yeaminul Bhuiyan has two elder sisters and one younger brother. They are Sadia Afroze Pranty, Shahorin Afroze, and Tajimul Bhuiyan. Let’s make a list of them.

  1. Sadia Afroze Pranty
  2. Shahorin Afroze
  3. Yeaminul Bhuiyan
  4. Tajimul Bhuiyan

Yeaminul Bhuiyan Info


Facebook ID Link:

Marride Status: Unmarried

Location: Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh

About Ashuganj

Ashuganj is a city located in the Brahmanbaria district of Bangladesh. It is situated on the banks of the Meghna River, which is one of the major rivers of Bangladesh. Ashuganj is an important industrial and commercial center in the region, with industries such as power generation, fertilizers, and cement production. The city is also home to Ashuganj Port, which is a major river port in Bangladesh.


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