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Top 10 Chrome Extensions 2022

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser at this moment. It is fast, well designed, and packed with essential features. But the main power of chrome is its extensions(endless power!).
There are a lot of chrome extensions, literally thousands upon thousands and the number is increasing every single minute. All extensions are not suitable for everyone. Everyone has their own choice and need. But some extensions are essential, maybe like food or water!
So there are top 10 chrome extensions for everyone. You can use it for your daily work, it doesn’t matter what your profession is

1. Adblock Plus:

Adblock Plus is one of the most trusted and secure chrome extensions. You can say, it is the granddaddy of ad-blockers! Adblock Plus downloaded over 500 million times. So you can finger out why I’m saying it is best. So, what are the main features of Adblock Plus?
Adblock Plus can block annoying video ads and banners and also pop-ups. It will stop tracking and give you more privacy. You can customize this extension, like whitelisting for favorite sites and many more things.

Download Adblock Plus from here.

2. Dark Reader:

Dark Reader for every website. If you hate those white lights on your screen and if you like dark mode then Dark Reader is probably for you. It will take care of your eyes.

There are a lot of features on this extension like Adblock Plus. You can adjust brightness, sepia filter, contrast, dark mode, font setting, ignore-list(my favorite one), and many more.

And Dark Reader is ad-free and it’s not going to capture your data. It’s fully open-source and secure.

Download Dark Reader from here.

3. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder:

By using Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder you can record your desktop or tab easily. An awesome screen capture tool built directly into Chrome. A fantastic tool for people who want to capture the contents of web pages without the hassle of using a separate utility. You can also record the desktop, a tab, or the stream from a cam.
It’s provided a stable service for more than 10 years and is loved by more than 3 million users. This extension is also ads-free and secure. And one of the main features is it’s easy to use.

Download Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder from here.

4. Grammarly for Chrome:

Grammarly is one of the best chrome extensions I had ever used. If you want to write better English, then Grammarly will be a great choice for you. From grammar and spelling to style and tone, Grammarly helps you eliminate writing errors and find the perfect words to express yourself properly. By using this extension you’ll get real-time feedback on Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly everywhere else you find yourself writing.

It’s also has a pro feature, but the free version is also good enough. And you can use it on your daily work, it’s secure and the free version is ads-free.

Download Grammarly for Chrome from here.

5. Avast Online Security & Privacy:

Avast Online Security & Privacy is known as a “web reputation plugin” examining each website you visit for suspicious information. The extension also warns you if the site you’re visiting simply has a bad reputation. Avast has a growing community of 400 million Avast users.

Its main feature is to identify and block phishing sites trying to steal your data. Quickly check the risk raging of any website just by hovering over the link. Block ads and secure your important personal data. Block invasive tracking cookies and many more.

Download Avast Online Security & Privacy from here.

6. LastPass:

There are a lot of password management tools, including a built-in system on Chrome. But LastPass is also well-regarded for both its case of use and security. It’s also an award-winning password manager. It will save you passwords and give you secure access from all computers and mobile devices you have.

This extension will help you to control your private information and full access to your online life. It will inform you which of your passwords are weak and need to be more secure and store the password securely. So you don’t need to use forget password anymore.

You can explore more by visiting the extension on the chrome web store.

Download LastPass from here.

7. Save Text to Google Drive:

Save Text to Google Drive is one of the best google extensions which will provide you the access to save any text to your Drive. Like, imagine you are reading a blog and you find out that this is a very important blog for you. And if you have the Save Text to Google Drive extension you can save the text to your Drive easily so you can read it whenever you want.

It’s free to use and ad-free. You can save text, link for feature use and it’s only 238KiB.

Download Save Text to Google Drive from here.

8. ZenMate Free VPN:

On this day everyone uses a VPN. Everyone uses a VPN for a different reason. There are a lot of VPN extensions. But I use ZenMate. The best part of ZenMate Free VPN is it does not have any time limit. You can access only 4 county locations and if you want more locations you need to pay for them. But the free version is also great and it’s ad-free and easy to use.

It’s fast and it will hide your IP. On the pro version, you can access more than 200 locations.

Download ZenMate from here.

9. ClickUp:

With ClickUp, you can create a workspace, task, sub-tasks within tasks and assign the task to yourself or your team member. You can track time, it also has a very helpful notepad feature. You can use emails and attack the full HTML copy of emails and add them to the task. You can manage everything from this chrome extension.

Download ClickUp from here.

10. Office:

This extension has most of the features offered by the desktop app but works within a web browser. You just need a Microsoft account and that’s all, you’re done.

You can view, edit and create office documents in your browser easily. And it will be stored on One Drive.

Download Office from here.

These 10 extensions are not the only top 10. There is also a lot of awesome extensions! But I give you the top 10 that I like and use. If you have any more suggestions you can inform me that my comment.

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